My newest assignment at the consulting firm I work for focuses on marketing and client development.

My recent reading and experiences have given me many great tips and tricks. However, embarrassing customers because of their politics is not among the recommendations I have seen.

Yet, Lady Grey Jewelry thought that it was smart business to send Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump and enthusiastic advocate for her father, a snark-filled “thank you” note along with her web-order.

Ivanka Trump reportedly purchased an ear cuff Tuesday from the Lady Grey Jewelry website only to be mocked by the company’s owners on social media.

Sabine Le Guyader and Jill Martinelli, who released their first Lady Grey collection in 2009, posted on Instagram a handwritten note addressed to the Republican presidential nominee’s daughter after she reportedly purchased an $84 gold Helix Ear Cuff online.

“Dear Ivanka, Thank you for your web order! We’re happy to let you know that the proceeds of your sale have been generously donated to the American Immigration Council, the Everytown for Gun Safety Organization, and the Hillary Clinton campaign,” the note read. “We hope you enjoy your new Lady Grey #helixcuff. Best, Sabine and Jill.”

LI #04 Lady Grey Note

In an email, Martinelli explained the move:

“While we were flattered to receive an order from Ivanka Trump, our social and political views couldn’t be further from those of the Trump campaign. When we received her order, we instantly felt compelled to take the money and donate it to a few organizations that were more aligned with our ideals.”

True, in a free market, the proprietors of Lady Grey Jewelry can spend their profits as they see fit. However, they could have made the donations privately and without the nasty, classless, and contemptible note.

However, the owners chose to upload the message on Instragram and proudly display it.

Watch the report:

The comments about this stunt have been cutting, as demonstrated by Twitter hashtag #Ivanka and by the following Facebook entries:

LI 04A Lady Grey Response

Ivanka Trump is noted for her fashion sense and style. The elegant, pink dress she wore during the GOP convention had thousands of women clamoring to to purchase it!

During the convention, there was a quest to return a lovely earring Ivanka wore back to the businesswoman.

Just imagine if that Ivanka’s earcuff was seen on the campaign trail, and noticed. Chances are high American women would be clamoring for a copy . . . and the jeweler who created them would be raking in the riches.

That would have meant more profits for the owners to distribute to the causes that best suited them.

Instead, Lady Grey chose to risk the sacrifice of a real profit opportunity to engage in political theater.