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Harvard Psychiatrist: 50% of College Students Have Mental Disorder

Harvard Psychiatrist: 50% of College Students Have Mental Disorder

That would explain quite a few things.

A Harvard psychiatrist who works at Mass General Hospital is claiming that half of all college students have some sort of mental disorder.

While this goes a long way towards explaining some of the campus behavior we’ve documented over the last few years, it also serves as just another excuse to treat college students like victims.

CBS News in Boston reports:

New Concerns Arise About Mental Health Of College Students

New concerns arise about the mental health of students on college campuses all across the country.

Dr. Gene Beresin, a psychiatrist and Executive Director of The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at Massachusetts General Hospital, says 50% to 60% of college students have a psychiatric disorder.

“What I’m including in that is the use of substances, anxiety, depression, problems with relationships, break-ups, academic problems, learning disabilities, attentional problems,” says Dr. Beresin. “If you add them all up 50% doesn’t seem that high.”

Some undergraduates at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) agree.

“People go through tough times,” says Dane Erickson, a rising junior from Naples, Florida. “It’s really stressful sometimes here at school.”

“I know a couple of friends who had a difficult first semester last year,” explains Maddie Burgoyne, a rising sophomore from Michigan.

Dr. Beresin says the suicide rate in college in astronomical. “A college student kills himself every day,” he says.

Maddie is also concerned about the higher than average suicide rate a MIT. “I think that’s something unique to MIT,” she says, “you can’t blame the institute itself. The type of student that goes here often puts a lot of pressure on themselves.”

Dr. Beresin says the brain doesn’t fully mature until age 26 so college students are put in a difficult situation.

Here’s the video report for the story:

On one level, this makes perfect sense. People who are mentally ill would need things like safe spaces and trigger warnings, right?

On the other hand, under-developed brain or not, by the time you’re in college you’re an adult in the eyes of the law and you should be treated like one.

That’s not to take away from the very real issue of mental illness which so many people have to deal with. In a way, fully functional people who demand trigger warnings and safe spaces are taking away from people with legitimate mental problems.

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I know the name of their disorder:

Spoiled Little Brats

And how many of the 50%+ have been medicated (or over-medicated) since kindergarden for a variety of alleged psychiatric disorders, rather than being actively treated and trained how to function despite their “problems”?

The guy is a quack. Half of what he lists isn’t in the DSM.

“What I’m including in that is the use of substances, anxiety, depression, problems with relationships, break-ups, academic problems, learning disabilities, attentional problems,” says Dr. Beresin. “If you add them all up 50% doesn’t seem that high.”

Stress is not a “mental disorder”. It can be a great motivator. It’s also a part of life. Like death, nobody gets out of here without experiencing it. Learning to deal with it positively is one of life’s important lessons.

“Problems with relationships” is ONE important way we learn to form and maintain good, strong relationships…with the right people.

The percentage has got to be higher.

To enroll in these centers of indoctrination, at great expense, and still not come out with either an education or a skill is a sign certain of several loose screws.

Please. A psychiatric disorder is ANY mental or emotional condition which can lead to “suffering” or a poor ability to function in life. By this definition, EVERYONE in the WORLD suffers a psychiatric disorder at sometime in their life. And, this guy can only estimate that 50% of the students in college suffer such a disorder.

A college campus is just a microcosm of the rest of the world. The same stresses apply, to some degree. As we go through life we learn how to deal with these stresses. We learn to accept the fact that not everyone is going to like us, that not everyone is trustworthy, that we may not achieve our goals no matter how hard we try, that failure is rarely the end of the world and that relationships, like everything else, sometimes end. A school, especially a college, is simply a place where we can learn to cope with life, while enjoying a more controlled environment, that the world provides.

    Exiliado in reply to Mac45. | August 28, 2016 at 12:22 pm

    There used to be a time when we all started learning all that at an early age: “Life is not fair. Get used to it.”

    But now, with the whole “Everybody deserves a trophy” mentality, “kids” are not learning any of that. They get to college with an inflated sense of entitlement and an inability to cope with real life.
    Now with colleges also buying into “Everybody deserves a trophy AND a safe space” we are getting a lot of 10 year old adults entering the workforce.
    Oh, God !


      Also, I accidentally down-thumbed you as I was trying to hit “reply.” If you need counseling, a cupcake and a session with a therapy dog, meet me in the Readers Forum 😀

        Oh, dang! My therapy dog just ate your cupcake. Never fear, we’ll have the school nurse write you up a script for some Prozac, and we’ll get you excused from all exams for the next semester 😉

          Sorry Amy, Prozac was bought out by the democrats,they did an inversion to avoid the IRS and each pill now costs $5,000 as your co payment under obamacare until you reach your max out of pocket limit of $70,000.
          Your obamacare health plan has also gone up 875%.

          Milwaukee in reply to Amy in FL. | August 29, 2016 at 1:50 am

          Good news, 4fun. While the price has been bumped to $5000 per pill, things are going to change. The company will give you a variable coupon. The coupon will match your deductible, but the price of the pills goes higher. Say your deductible is $3000 per year. Then you get a $3000 coupon, and the price is an extra $3000 per bottle. You get your deductible met and the bottle of pills. Your health insurance gets stuck with far more expensive medication. Of course, dealers always give discounts and better drugs to newbies, until you are hooked. Then they will turn you into one of their whores and pimp you out.

          I would suggest the red wine, instead.

        fxdwg69 in reply to Amy in FL. | September 6, 2016 at 11:41 am

        Cupcake? I’m in!

How many of the 50% with a mental disorder go on to become psychiatrists?

    snopercod in reply to Mojo56. | August 28, 2016 at 1:30 pm

    You might have something there. The suicide rate among Psychiatrists is six times the national average.

    4fun in reply to Mojo56. | August 28, 2016 at 5:04 pm

    Not sure how many go on to become psychiatrists, but one of the 50% is running on the democratic ticket.

This is a put-on.

The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds? That sound like the sort of place they put people they can’t get rid of. Like the Pharmacology Center for People Who Won’t Touch Drugs No Matter What. The hospital equivalent of a Women’s Studies department.

Liberals cause mental disorders. They expect too much, do too little and get angry because it isn’t a perfect world.

    Milwaukee in reply to showtime8. | August 29, 2016 at 1:58 am

    Being liberal is a mental disorder. I recall a radio talk show host in Denver who supported both the right of two homosexual men to marry and a baker to refuse to bake them a cake. Unfortunately, those positions are going to collide, and result in insanity. We witness liberal faction eventually fighting with each other.

    What about their liberal professors?

What percentage of mental health professionals have a mental health disorder?

Rule #1 Never trust a person who looks like they are stuck in the 70’s.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Old0311. | August 28, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    I am sure he is comfortable with his appearance regardless of the era it fits. Sure, he sounds nutty, but as for appearance, he sure beats today’s crowd with their circus side-show tattoos, piercings, loops in their earlobes, and multi-colored spike haircuts.

Hmm – more behaviors are being included as mental problems. What’s next?
– Encourage the students to seek medical care since mental health care is required coverage now due to Obamacare.
– Get enough people to agree that people with “mental health issues” should be denied access to guns.
– How do they get that info? Require that certain diagnostic and drug codes in the electronic medical records is logged into the gun check database. Those people are denied gun permits.
– Extend the “need” for control by including households with someone with a mental health diagnosis and get those guns.
– Don’t forget about those questions that doctors were supposed to ask re having guns in your home, amount of alcohol consumed, status of mental health – all going into the health record.

Just like the purpose of Obamacare is a single payer system, is this a backdoor way to get more control over guns? Just wondering….

This is what happens when parents aren’t parents. I always viewed my job as making my kids ready to leave me at 18. This means not kissing all their boo-boos – operative philosophy in my house was “suck it up, cupcake.” If you don’t let your kids handle their own issues in high school and beforehand, then of course they will be wrecks in college.

And if you don’t have a mental disorder when you come to college, we” do our best to give you one with incessant grievance-mongering, oversensitivity training, guilt-tripping and so on.

    rabidfox in reply to openeyes. | August 28, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    Is having a conservative outlook on life considered a mental problem as well?

      Semper Why in reply to rabidfox. | August 30, 2016 at 11:47 am

      Of course not. If it were, someone might have to spend funds on it. Better to treat it as hate speech. That way they can be marginalized and isolated. You can’t let these people think that there is any hope, even medical.

What’s the % for college professors?

And about 100% of Harvard faculty.

Did you ever notice that Psychiatrists NEVER find anything right with people?

    rabidfox in reply to snopercod. | August 28, 2016 at 4:14 pm

    All they have are hammers.

    Milwaukee in reply to snopercod. | August 29, 2016 at 2:00 am

    Carl Jung did notice that he didn’t have many practicing Catholics in his practice. He attributed it to those practicing Catholics going to reconciliation. Then it was known as “Confession”. Not being burdened by sin is a wonderful feeling.

This is all about getting more money appropriated for psychiatric services for a captive audience. That is, more of other people’s money earmarked for a favored group of contractors. A nice side effect is that this money can be diverted to indoctrination services, or “community activism.”

There are some people who think that any normal person, presented with a problem that requires personal growth, requires counseling. Further, that counseling should come from a “professional” rather than an historical source such as a parent or friend. The advantage of this approach is that the weak-minded can then be harvested for political purposes. Colleges do seem to be a target for this kind of influence perversion.

This is interesting, because real counselors are careful to let people form their own solutions.

great unknown | August 28, 2016 at 2:03 pm

What he is defining as “mental disorders” is understood by normal people as being “normal life.”

But of course, normal people, with normal lives, don’t have access to safe spaces and trigger warnings – yet.

If you are early to class, you obviously suffer from an anxiety disorder.
If you are late to class, you obviously have narcissistic personality disorder.
If you are exactly on time, you obviously have obsessesive-compulsive disorder.

Try hard enough and you can find a mental disorder for anyone.

A man wins Olympic Decatholan, fathers children, after 60 years says he is a woman. People call him she and wins “courage” award. Somehow denying reality is accepted, if you won’t, you’re a bigot. Then this fool/tool makes pronouncements about mental illness? Inmate running asylum.

One has to wonder what the fraction of students’ professors also have mental disorders. Perhaps it is much greater than 50%.

There is no opportunities for students anymore, they move back into the parents’ basement after graduation. No wonder they are depressed.
I think MIT in particular is notorious for high suicide rates, though, probably because they enroll the genius types. But other colleges?

Orwellian, isn’t it?

It’s right on schedule, to go along with the rest of the societal collapse engineered by the left, and enabled by the crying boehners.