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Given What Trump Has ‘Stirred Up,’ NYT Columnist Fears Aftermath If He Loses

Given What Trump Has ‘Stirred Up,’ NYT Columnist Fears Aftermath If He Loses

Relax, Frank: There’s Not Going to be Rioting in the Streets if Trump Loses

Was New York Times columnist Frank Bruni suggesting there could be civil unrest if Donald Trump loses big and bitterly? That seemed a likely implication of his comments on today’s Morning Joe. Bruni said his “fear” is: “what if he goes down big and goes down bitterly? I really worry about the aftermath. I worry about November 9th and forward in terms of what’s been stirred up.”

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson tried to soothe poor Frank’s fears: “We survived Bush-Gore 2000, we made it through that just fine and I think we’ll make it through post-Trump just fine, too.”

The notion that the Trump base is going to take to the streets in an unruly way should Trump lose big seems not just farfetched, but a slur on the sort of good people who show up at Trump rallies. What do readers think?

FRANK BRUNI: I have a different fear, because we’ve seen this in statements he’s said recently. That’s [one Joe Scarborough described] a very benign theory. What if he’s not just playing this out? And what if he goes down big and goes down bitterly? I really worry about the aftermath. I worry about November 9th and forward in terms of what’s been stirred up. We haven’t had someone to lose sorely in the way Trump is telegraphing he would lose if he does lose and that’s a scary thing.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: He’s already talking, Mika, about election rigged.

BRUNI: Exactly.

JOE: And you’ve got certain people on TV that are drooling out the left side of their mouth and suggesting the election is rigged and a lot of other people are. The election’s not rigged.

. . .

EUGENE ROBINSON: Look, one thing — Frank, I hope you’re wrong about your concern about November 9th. I kind of don’t share that. I think that there would be some bitter people if he goes down and goes down big. He might go down swinging. But we survived Bush-Gore 2000, we made it through that just fine and I think we’ll make it through post-Trump just fine, too.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: And he [made] Clinton better.

BRUNI: We survived Bush-Gore just fine, but Al Gore and Donald Trump are too very, very different people. And nothing about the way Donald Trump — nothing about the way Donald Trump is comporting himself suggests to me he will lose with anything approaching the grace that Al Gore lost with in the end. Big, big difference.

JOE: So what happens next?

BRUNI: What happens next? I don’t know! I mean, we’re in uncharted terrain and we have been from the very beginning of this campaign.


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Why not say this? After all, they blamed Trump when ill-behaved Democrats attacked Trump supporters and destroyed property. It’s the usual fear-mongering and hate speech from the New York Times.

When was the last time conservatives rioted? It has been a dream of the MSM for years to have a conservative riot. They keep pushing for it, keep seeing it just around the corner (Tea Party, anyone?). It never happens.

Relax Frank, the Right does not riot – only the Left does. Over and over and over.

Nice catch by the local Florida TV station
Crooked Hillary Grabs Coveted Florida Taliban Endorsement

Click through the link, they confirmed his identity.

nordic_prince | August 9, 2016 at 9:26 am

I think a much more likely scenario is rioting, etc. should Trump win. There would be a boatload of butthurt people in that case ~

    Common Sense in reply to nordic_prince. | August 9, 2016 at 10:06 am

    If Trump wins then you will see true riots!
    The left will go into a month long spasm the likes
    of which we have never seen!

    The Baltimore riots would be considered a JV riot
    compared to what would happen.

      Actually, expect two completely different events. First (of course) the riots will happen, egged on by the normal leftist causes and permitted to occur so the resulting news coverage will be able to blame it all on Trump.

      While the drive-by media is breathlessly covering the violence, the administration in the background will be quietly converting political appointees into career civil service positions so they can’t be fired by the incoming administration, as well as cranking out just as many regulations as possible and getting them enshrined before the January cutover. Expect a wave of ’emergency’ interim appointments (which are good for a year) and as many contracts signed to appropriate government money to political cronies as possible.

      In short, the looting in Washington will dwarf any by the ‘disaffected youths.’

Mika, “and he made Clinton better.”
What the hell is she talking about? Trump has Clinton to where she’s being held together with baling wire, duct tape, a big black goon & other assorted flunkies and she’s better?!?

And some think she’s a better option than Trump.

50 former security advisors to G. W. Bush post an open letter stating Clinton is better for national security reasons than Trump. I guess getting an Iranian nuclear scientist hanged for his back door dealings with America is a *good thing” for these geniuses.

Susan Collins makes noises for Clinton. This from the only republican to vote for the trillion $$ stimulus.

And this was from yesterday! And some on this site insist Trump is hand in glove with institutional G.O.D.P..

And we who support Trump are stupid?!?

    I left out Rick Wilson & Mike Murphy from yesterday’s #never T-rump festivities.

      Old0311 in reply to secondwind. | August 9, 2016 at 10:14 am

      A person is known for his enemies. Trump is okie dokie with me. If GWB had 50 security advisors and still invaded Iraq because of WMD that were never found, maybe he isn’t quite the national security genius he is portrayed as.

        rabidfox in reply to Old0311. | August 9, 2016 at 4:38 pm

        More to the point, if these security advisors encouraged him to go into Iraq for the WMD then why should we value their judgement now?

The Right does get blamed for the ugliness of the Left so maybe we should just “own” the accusation. If Hillary wins a good riot may be all we have positive to remember.

Maybe that is why Conservatives never get what they want – we’re not like other groups who riot in the streets turning stores and turning over cars. Imagine – we could trash New Haven and issue a list of demands.

    meyou in reply to katiejane. | August 9, 2016 at 10:06 am

    Just saw on a British site that the Detroit audience “gave a standing ovation when those women stood up to Trump.” What I saw was, the audience applauded when those women were removed. Strange how the Left and the Right have different “truths”.

Well, of course it’s dangerous. Don’t you all remember the Tea Party Riots? And, oh, those out of control Patriot groups! I’ve personally lost count of the number of towns they’ve burned to the ground. That’s why the FBI has them characterized as the most dangerous domestic terror group.


I am seeing a pattern here…..

The Obama administration blamed any problem on Bush!
No matter what it was somehow Bush did it.

So Clinton and her media buddies are going to Blame Trump
for everything that goes wrong.

Hand ringing and teeth gnashing!

Media hack Frank Bruni just knows that Trump will go down bitterly and cause all kinds of problems. And don’t forget the crazy and wild Trump voters!! It’s scary!
Hey Franky stick it where the sun does not shine!

Another low for Morning Joe! They are always happy to slim Trump.

And what kind of “grace” did Algore display?

He tried for a month to steal the election and whined about it until his glow-bull warming gig started paying off

Albert Gore Jr.’s “grace?” I must have missed that. Did he exhibit that when he took back his congratulations from GWB? Was it when he had David Boies constantly asking Florida courts for recount after recount? Was it when he cancelled servicemen’s votes?
Is Bruni delusional or just a prog (am I repeating myself here)?

What is most likely to trigger riots and civil unrest is widespread, obvious vote fraud. If fraud affects the outcome of this race, it will result in oe of two things happening. The first is that anti-establishment voters, firmly believing that they were disenfranchised by the establishment, wil decide that they have no legitimate legal course to influencing the government and will resort to the methodology of the Founding Fathers to deal with disenfranchisement; violence. The second is that, if Trump loses and it is subsequently proven this was the result of widespread vote fraud and this results in awarding Trump the office, that the liberal left will feel justified in engaging in civil unrest.

If there is NO fraud and the election is administered fairly, then there will be no violence from the anti-establishment faction. But, the anti-establishment movement exists because its members have become convinced that the “Establishment” cares nothing about the desires of the majority of the citizens of this country. And, if it becomes clear that the “Establishment” resorted to fraud in order to stymie the will of the majority, there will very likely be hell to pay.

Maybe not mass rioting, but apparently overwhelming majority of Trumpies believe that if Hillary wins, it’s because the election was fixed:
This is NOT a healthy society.

    The rigging concerns have some basis in fact.


    1. This is highly plausible, and would be effective with touch-screen voting.

    2. People can and do lose their objectivity over elections.

    3. I sat in the room (for other reasons) when the Maryland technical advisor told Rep. Shane Pendergrass that the proposed touch-screen voting mechanism could not be made auditable because it was vulnerable to tampering in the program. He also said that Maryland had a “perfect” system, which had survived a recent election audit.

    Shane Pendergrass continued to promote, and got, touch-screen voting in Maryland, ostensibly in response to the “hanging chad” problem in Florida, although Maryland did not use a hole punch method.

    I had voted before, in Maryland. They used a long ballot that had broken arrows leading to the names of the candidates. The voter would use a wide, black marker to complete the arrow. The voter would then place the ballot in a reader, which would instantly tally the votes, and reject a ballot if it had errors. Results were available, state-wide, within 30 minutes of polls closing.

    And the Democratic Maryland legislature replaced that system with touch screens. They said that giving a receipt to the individual voters would ensure accuracy of the count. (?!)

      Election fraud is a real concern. However, when poll after poll, including those done by conservative media, shows Trump down by about 10, when reliably red states are turning toss up, when Trump alienates segment after segment of Republican voters (the conservatives, the moderates, the insiders), when he makes one dumb mistake after another, when he has record high negatives that only get worse, how do you expect him to win?

        And when the top of the Republican Party goes all-out to slander their own candidate ….

          I think you misunderstand what’s going on. Rank-and-file conservatives as well as some, though by no means all (Rience? Manafort?) GOP establishment figures went after Trump. But Trump was never “our” candidate. We told you so months ago. We told you he doesn’t share our values, we told you we don’t trust him. We told you we don’t prefer him to Hillary if that’s the choice. Trump never even tried to court us. So why are surprised and upset when it turns out that we don’t support him?

          Old0311 in reply to Valerie. | August 9, 2016 at 8:14 pm

          I wonder what they will call their new party when this is over. Bullmoose has already been used. Maybe Bullshit Party.

        We all understand that the Establishment Republicans as well as the Establishment Democrats would rather see HRC in the White House rather than Trump. However, Trump has a far better chance to win election than does every Republican candidate for President since GHW Bush and a better chance to win that GW Bush had [remember, GW LOST the popular election to Gore and barely beat Kerry]. And, ignore the polls, at this point. Most of them are being done by media and establishment pollsters and are almost guaranteed to under report Trump’s support. This is simply gaslighting. A much better barometer of Trump’s support might be the number of people who attend his election rallies. While HRC is packing in a couple of hundred, Trump is seating ~10,000 or more at every event. Even Pence is attracting more than HRC, and he is only the VP candidate.

        At this point, it is irrelevant if the Republican party supports Trump or not. There is little that they can do to affect his campaign. However, if they sit on the sidelines or, worse, actively work against Trump, then they will have made themselves irrelevant, as well. Trump might not be YOUR candidate, but he is the only alternative to HRC and all a Clinton Presidency would entail.

          Polls are the best indicator, but, OK, let’s ignore them. Trump’s convention received low ratings. He alienated conservatives, moderates and insiders. Just about anyone who ever gave a thought to foreign policy (the dreaded globalistsin your opinion) reject him. Hillary easily baited him into a silly feud with grieving parents of a Muslim soldier. He continues making one mistake after another. Polls merely reflect it.
          Trump continues to pack rallies because his followers adore him for “not selling out” or some such. He’s not going to win the election on the strength of his hardcore base alone.
          …Denial is the first stage of grief.

          Edge, in the past week, we’ve seen very clearly that the polls only matter to Trump and his fans if they are in his favor. If they are not, they are “rigged” and “lies.” Indeed, the exact same polling agency can be “rigged” one day and the absolute pinnacle of accuracy the next. Go figure.

          Fuzzy, so true.

      Not too worried about voting issues in Kansas. When I voted early this month, it was just a case of producing my drivers license, picking up the paper ballot, marking it, depositing it in the scanner (which stores them in a bin for recounts if needed), and done. Anybody with voting registration issues voted a provisional ballot, put it in an envelope, and it was processed that way.

      Easy. Darned difficult to tamper with. Reliable. Since the Kansas driver’s license has citizenship requirements on it and it’s scanned at the polling place, multiple voting or casting a vote while being ineligible is likewise blocked.

        Valerie in reply to georgfelis. | August 9, 2016 at 6:55 pm

        I already described the situation in Maryland.

        Now, I live in California. The California voter registration form is on the driver’s license application, and California has recently decided to give illegal aliens drivers’ licenses.

        At my polling place, I have a choice of using a mail-in ballot just like you describe, or a touch screen, like I did in Maryland.

        We can have auditable voting methods, and I would like to see that in place. Voter fraud is always a problem because people go nuts over elections. I observed the full gamut of dirty tricks in a freaking student election in law school. There are a few things in life for which I would imperil my ethics, but a student election is not one of them.

        Mac45 in reply to georgfelis. | August 9, 2016 at 9:20 pm

        Not as hard to cheat as you might think. In the last few election cycles, we have seen batches of ballots appear from trunks of cars and boxes placed in ware houses “unopened”. If they can be “found”, they can be lost as well. We have seen many cases of people casting multiple votes, sometimes in different states. And, voter ID laws are being challenged and overturned all over the country, so any ID requirement that might exist today, may not exist on election day. Then we have the practice of rubber stamping mail-in ballots for the elderly. This is where the voter never actually sees his or her ballot and someone else fills it out. And, then we have ineligible voters. And finally, we have voter registration fraud, where ineligible people are registered to vote, often so close to the election that they can not be adequately vetted.

        Vote fraud has been a political institution for hundreds of years. It is controlled by party poll watchers and honest electoral officials. However, it is entirely possible that the Republican Establishment, to which most of the people who become poll watchers belong, may choose to aid the Establishment candidate and ignore suspicious incidents and activity. Fraud is potentially a very serious problem this year.

    “This is NOT a healthy society.”

    You are clear evidence of that.


This is just an attempt to propagate the dangerous-gun-toting-white-male-extremist meme. It actually probably works in large parts of California and New England.

No one rioted because obama got elected. The left would have if he didn’t. One side has self control while the other needs space to destroy. One side builds and the other burns it down. If there is unrest, it will be the left going after the left for not getting enough handouts.

What happens when the radical fringe left calls for riots and / or their long-cherished dream of a race war … and no one shows up?

Subotai Bahadur | August 9, 2016 at 5:54 pm

1) Let us posit that Hillary “wins”, by actual votes or by fraud.
2) Let us further posit that both the House and the Senate remain in GOPe control [the same people are running today as have been in office for a decade.
3) Remember that Hillary has openly promised to re-write and “regulate” the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, and grant citizenship to over illegal in the country.
4) We absolutely know, based on actual evidence and history, that the GOPe will aid and abet any attacks on the Constitution by Democrats. They have a 100% record over the last decade.
5) In the total absence of any legal or constitutional means of resistance to tyranny, within 6 months of the election of Hillary, we will be in the midst of a civil war. It will be 4th Generation warfare. It will not be “riots”. The staff and watchers of MSNBC operate on the assumption that they will be safe from any violence in the country, because they are protected by the Left. They do not understand 4th Generation warfare.

The tipping point has likely been reached, either way.

I wonder how the Romans talked amongst themselves, while the Visigoths were shambling in their direction?

They were probably talking about voting for Hillary.

Sure. There won’t be riots in the street if Trump loses. (which might not be the case if Hillary loses)

There WILL be problems possibly leading to violence once Hillary becomes President and starts making her influence and orders known.

We all can be sure at some point an outright attempt will be made to make ownership of a firearm at least onerous and possibly impossible. We can be sure that there will be more and more invaders allowed in the country thus upping the potential for more jihadist attacks.

And at some point the economy might take a turn for the worse but that may happen under Trump also but will be worse under Hillary because the Democrats and Wall Street have caused the situation we’re in and they don’t have the solutions nor the will to try.

So yeah there won’t be riots but there might be later.

I think the plan for riots and civil disturbances is pre election . Three of the Officers in the news for shooting black men ,Officer Tensing, Van Dyke and Slager go to trial a week or so before the election Van Dyke Oct 21 tensing 24 and Slager 31. Can we say lots of BLM agitation .
One of them, Tensing , will most likely be acquitted just based on video analyses that show he was indeed dragged as he said .

The Ny Times guy’s projecting what the left will do if Hillary loses.