It’s hard to argue with Rudy Giuliani on this point. Democrats have embraced the Black Lives Matter movement which has an open dislike of police officers. He also points out that Hillary Clinton snubbed the largest police officer union in the country.

The FOX News Insider has the details:

Giuliani: ‘The Democratic Party Has Become an Anti-Law Enforcement Party’

Rudy Giuliani joined the “Fox and Friends Weekend” co-hosts today to react to the revelation that Hillary Clinton has “snubbed” the largest police union in the country.

Giuliani said the fact that Clinton isn’t seeking the endorsement of the National Fraternal Order of Police is indicative of a shift among Democrats.

“The Democratic Party has become an anti-law enforcement party,” Giuliani said. “And this is the best demonstration of it.”

He accused the Democrats of stoking the flames of anti-police sentiment across the country, leading to the rise of groups like Black Lives Matter and an increase in violence against law enforcement officers.

“It comes right from the top, it includes Hillary,” Giuliani said. “You don’t even go talk to and seek the endorsement of one of the major police unions in the country?”

He noted that Democrats didn’t allow uniformed police officers on the floor of the DNC, calling the party’s treatment of law enforcement “outrageous.”

“The Democratic Party, from Barack Obama down to Hillary Clinton, you name it, they are anti-police, anti-law enforcement,” Giuliani said. “And it is creating a terrible atmosphere in this country that is very dangerous to police officers.”

Here’s the video:

Sheriff David Clarke, who spoke at the Republican National Convention seems to agree with Giuliani.

The Washington Times reports:

Sheriff David Clarke: Hillary Clinton ‘a straight-up cop hater’

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said Monday that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is “a straight-up cop hater” who sympathizes with the “criminal element” of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Sheriff Clarke, an outspoken black conservative, appeared on “Fox & Friends” to address Mrs. Clinton’s decision not to seek the endorsement of the biggest police union in the country, The Fraternal Order of Police.

“It’s a huge miscalculation, a huge political miscalculation on the part of Mrs. Bill Clinton,” the sheriff said. “Look, everyone running for public office, at any level, knows that you want and you have to have the support of not only law enforcement but other first responders. But she has made it clear from the convention that she is all in with the criminal element. She doesn’t care about victims of crime, she’s a straight-up cop hater, and so she is, like I said, rolling the dice on not having the support of law enforcement.

“The problem for her is that middle America, mainstream America, does not share her sentiment in having sympathy for criminals,” he said. “You’re talking a potential 3, 4, 5 million votes that she’s willing to risk just to get in bed with criminals.

This is obviously one of the reasons Trump is describing himself as the law and order candidate.

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