The liberal establishment has yet to recover from the shock to its delicate sensibilities caused when Donald Trump spoke of Megyn Kelly having blood coming from her “wherever.” But will anyone blink a whatever now that MSM member Mika Brzezinski has told Republicans that they need to “get their heads out of . . . something?” The ever-diplomatic Willie Geist suggested Mika had “sand” in mind, but it seemed clear she was referring to something else.

On today’s Morning Joe, Mika repeatedly made the case that the Republican establishment should dump Trump. Analogizing the Trump candidacy to a car that has burst into flames, Mika called Republicans “wussies” for refusing to get out of it.

KATTY KAY: I interviewed Bill Cohen, President Clinton’s Republican defense secretary the other day. He said to me that he wouldn’t be able to vote for Donald Trump in November either. And I wouldn’t be surprised if after Labor Day you had a slew of senior foreign policy types coming out on the Republican side saying we just can’t vote for Donald Trump. Now the next step would be if they said they were actually, Meg Whitman style, going to support Hillary Clinton. I don’t know if they’ll go that far. But that’s where you’re going to get the first big fracture in the party and people coming out and saying —

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I think some Republican leaders need to get their heads out of something. Here’s what —


MIKA: The sand.

. . .

MIKA: I guess I’m just incredibly naive. Cause I figure if you’re driving a car you really like and you just love that car and you’re driving it, or if you think you kind of like it or maybe you just have to drive the car. And then the car like bursts into flames and you’re driving a car that’s in flames, my choice is to get out of that car. It seems pretty simple. But I guess people like driving cars that are on fire. That could drive our country into the ground.

MIKE BARNICLE: Well we’ll see if Paul Ryan gets a new car —

MICHAEL STEELE: Just real quick, you really think that the Republican party is just going to cede this election to Hillary Clinton? They’re just going to say because of everything you just described, well the car’s on fire, we don’t like Donald Trump, he’s God knows what, we’re just going to lay down and not —

MIKA: Michael, they’ve missed every opportunity to close in on this guy. They’ve missed every opportunity out of fear and out of being wussies, okay? They’ve missed every opportunity. If there’s any construct left, they ought to use it for the sake of principle. Maybe that’s just me, naive, from this side of the aisle. But you’re driving a car on fire, guys. That’s all I have to say.


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