The Clinton Foundation has a dark cloud over them due to emails showing major donors asking then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for huge favors. They have tried to mend their ways by deciding to stop accepting foreign donations if Hillary wins the presidency, but they may have taken a big step back. Chelsea just decided to remain on the board even if her mom wins.

Conflict of interest much? Besides Bill, who else has better access to Hillary than Chelsea?

From The Wall Street Journal:

A spokeswoman for Chelsea Clinton said the former first daughter plans to remain on the board because she “is committed to ensuring that those benefiting from the foundation’s work will be able to continue receiving that often-life-changing help.”

However, the statement from the spokeswoman for Ms. Clinton left unclear whether she would continue to raise money for the foundation, which would be scaled back significantly if Hillary Clinton wins in November. It said Chelsea Clinton was remaining on the board to “steward the implementation of changes,” including “new fundraising policies.”

Former President Bill Clinton decided “to resign from the board and stop raising money for the foundation” to avoid a conflict of interest. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Hillary did the exact same thing before she became secretary of state, but emails show that people at the foundation and major donors did not receive that memo.

These emails from Hillary’s term as secretary of state show Clinton Foundation officials asking her aides Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin for favors from major donors. Foundation lawyer Douglas Band even asked them to find a job at the State Department for another foundation associate.

Then, on Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that “85 of 154 people from private interests who met or had phone conversations scheduled with Clinton while she led the State Department donated to her family charity or pledged commitments to its international programs.”

Ray Madoff, a Boston College Law School professor and director of the Forum on Philanthropy and the Public Good, spoke to the Journal:

“The Clinton Foundation has been way too inattentive to the appearance of impropriety,” Ms. Madoff said. “Chelsea clearly has access to her parents so the appearance of impropriety continues.”

She added, “If the Clintons didn’t have this ongoing problem, then it is a more difficult case. After all, Chelsea is a working adult and it makes sense that she would work on the Clinton Foundation.”

What will stop them from using Chelsea, who obviously has even better access to Hillary since, you know, she’s her daughter. Even if they promise not to take advantage of Hillary as president, why should we believe them? Evidence show us otherwise.