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8-Year-Old Honorary Marine Passes Away

8-Year-Old Honorary Marine Passes Away

You’re going to need the Kleenex.

Wyatt Gillette, 8, passed away on Sunday a day after the Marines made him an Honorary Marie at Camp Pendleton in California. He always wanted to become a Marine like his father.

His father, drill instructor Jeremiah, helped his son achieve his dream:

“I literally only had two goals my entire life. Become a Marine, and become a Drill Instructor. I have accomplished my goals and as both, nothing could make me happier than to see my son Wyatt Seth Gillette become an honorary Marine,” Jeremiah said. “He has fought harder in the last almost eight years than I will ever have to. If I earned the title, I believe he has as well.”

Doctors diagnosed Wyatt with a rare condition called Aicardi-Goutierres Syndrome Type 1-(Trex 1 mutation), which causes “problems like seizures and kidney problems,” when he was 4. Unfortunately, they only gave Wyatt two more weeks to live.

So on Saturday, the Marines granted Wyatt’s wish. At the ceremony, Wyatt received his Eagle, Globe, and Anchor along with a smart salute making him the “96th person to receive the honor since the program began in 1992.” Marine Corps Commandment Gen. Robert Neller approved the decision:

“The courageous fight that Wyatt continues is absolutely ‘Marine,’” Neller told Marine Corps Times on Thursday. “Wyatt is the epitome of Semper Fidelis, and we are hoping and praying for him and his family.”

Rest in peace, little Marine.


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Fair Winds and Following Seas, Marine! Semper Fi!

Man…right in the feels…

Always faithful.

Does my heart proud.

Richard Aubrey | August 1, 2016 at 9:32 pm

From time to time, the Make A Wish Foundation will facilitate something like this. The troops usually say the kid is an outstanding example of courage and determination. The brave know the brave. The Brotherhood knows its own.

Semper Fi!