Last week, Yale cafeteria worker Corey Menafee “resigned” from his job after smashing a stained glass window at the school claiming the image was racist and made him angry.

This was the window, pre-smashing:

Yale stained glass 2

The school declined to press any charges and Menafee was held up as a hero by the social justice warrior left.

Naturally, students rallied to Menafee’s side. The Yale Herald reported:

Support for Corey Menafee

On Monday, July 11, the New Haven Independent reported that Yale employee Corey Menafee was arrested by city police after he broke a panel in Calhoun College that showed slaves carrying cotton. He chose to resign from his position rather than face termination. In the days since, many Yale students and professors, New Haven residents, and people outside the immediate community have rallied around Menafee.

Bianca Brooks, a junior at Columbia University and community outreach chair of the school’s Intercultural Resource Center, created a GoFundMe campaign to offer Menafee and his family financial assistance while he is unemployed.

The page also links to an open letter written by Yale Law School students in support of Menafee. The petition, which has attracted signatures from Yale students, faculty, and staff, implores President Salovey to “publicly announce that Yale will not cooperate with the prosecution of Mr. Menafee, make every possible effort to secure the complete dismissal of all charges against Mr. Menafee, and reinstate Mr. Menafee in his former position at Yale.”

Menafee quickly decided he wanted his job back and Yale was happy to accommodate him.

FOX News reports:

Worker who shattered Yale window depicting slaves gets his job back

A Yale University dining services worker who resigned after smashing a stained-glass window depicting slaves has gotten his old job back.

Patricia Kane, an attorney for Corey Menafee, told the Associated Press Tuesday that her client was “delighted to accept Yale’s offer” and would report for work Monday morning.

Menafee’s has said he destroyed the window inside Calhoun College with a broomstick because he found it offensive. The name of the residential college has sparked protests because it honors former Vice President John C. Calhoun, an 1804 Yale graduate and an ardent defender of slavery.

Menafee, who is black, resigned and apologized before asking through his union to have his job back.

Earlier Tuesday, Yale spokeswoman Karen Peart said the university had informed Menafee’s attorney that “we are willing to grant his request for a second chance at Yale.”

“We are willing to take these unusual steps given the unique circumstances of this matter, and it is now up to Mr. Menafee whether he wishes to return to Yale,” Peart said.

The message being sent here is loud and clear. You can smash things you don’t like, become a hero to the left, and suffer no consequences.

Somewhere, Hillary Clinton is nodding in approval.

Featured image via YouTube.