The newest video from Prager University is hosted by Dennis Prager himself and is as entertaining as it is enlightening.

For the subject, Prager examines the differences between socialism and capitalism with an eye to the stereotype propagated by many on the left that capitalism makes people selfish.

The exact opposite is true, Prager suggests. People living under socialism become accustomed to government handouts that are eventually seen as rights. This leads to a selfish and ungrateful society Prager concludes.

Here’s the official video description from the Prager University website:

Socialism Makes People Selfish

Which is better: socialism or capitalism? Does one make people kinder and more caring, while the other makes people greedy and more selfish? In this video, Dennis Prager explains the moral differences between socialism and capitalism, and why anyone who wants a kind and generous society must support one and oppose the other.

Watch the whole thing below:

Featured image via YouTube.


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