At long last, our national political convention nightmare is over.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, we’re able to bring you the best moments from this year’s Democratic National Convention, sound-free.

Me, when someone brings me a donut:

Hillary got a little bit too excited - Imgur

Bill Clinton, lover of balloons:

bill clinton balloons

before balloons after ballloons

I know, I know, it’s not a .gif, but it was too good not to include.

“LOOK! I got one!”

hillary balloon

“Watch me as I awkwardly bang this gavel.”


Carlos Danger says what we’re all thinking:

dnc is irrelevant anthony weiner

“HUUUUUUGE!!! Do you hear me?! HUGGGGEEEE!!!”

huge no doubt howard dean dnc

I know, we can’t believe you’re still pretending to be native American either:

liz warren wow

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