Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown (FL-5) of “Go Gata” Youtube fame was recently indicted on charges related to an unregistered charity in Virgina.

First Coast News reports:

The congresswoman was indicted Wednesday and the case details are just coming out. A federal case has also been filed against her chief of staff, Elias Simmons.

Brown is facing 24 counts ranging fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, making false statements, wire fraud, and more.

“Congresswoman Brown and her chief of staff are alleged to have used the Congresswoman’s official position to solicit over $800,000 in donations to a supposed charitable organization, only to use that organization as a personal slush fund,” said Assistant Attorney General Caldwell.

“The defendants are alleged to have committed a multitude of criminal violations, including fraudulently receiving and using hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions meant for a nonprofit organization for their own personal and professional benefit,” said Richard Weber, Chief, IRS Criminal Investigation.

“The American public expects and deserves equitable enforcement of our tax laws.”

Brown is also charged with engaging in tax obstruction between 2008 and 2014.

Simmons is also charged with theft of government property. The FBI says a relative of Simmons allegedly received $735,000 in government salary despite “performing no known work” and that Simmons diverted over $80,000 of that salary for his personal benefit.

It’s gonna be tough to get out of this one.

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