Few liberals are as iconic as the pugnacious progressive pundit Piers Morgan.

The British journalist and television personality, once host of CNN’s Piers Morgan Live, is currently working as the US Editor-at-Large for Mail Online. In that capacity, he has published an op-ed in response to the beheading of Father Jacques Hamel at the hands of Islamic terrorists that occurred during a Mass in a Normandy church.

Has there ever been a more snivelling bunch of cowards than ISIS and its pathetic horde of crazed disciples?

These gutless goons delight in mowing down kids in trucks, throwing gay people off roofs, stoning women to death and setting fire to men in cages.

They love easy, soft targets: nightclubs, bars, cafes, sports arenas, concert halls, trains. Places where large numbers of innocent people congregate and can thus be slaughtered at will.

Morgan refers to the the Islamic terror horde as the “Caliphate of Cowardice”. What is most shocking is the solution he proposes, which refers positively to Donald Trump’s immigration policy platform.

…[Trump’s] latest revised call for strong new regulations and restrictions on anyone trying to enter the U.S. from a country ravaged by terror is surely just common sense?

‘We need to know who’s coming in!’ he bellows.

He’s absolutely right, isn’t he?

Rather than idiotically condemn Trump as the ‘new Hitler’, I strongly suggest other countries follow his lead and also look to massively tighten up their immigration policies before it’s too late.

Let’s know exactly who is coming into which country, and let’s stop hiding behind political correctness to do it.

And let’s start properly educating those who we do let in about why a Western society can offer them so much more than life as a pathetic, spineless priest-woman-and-child killing wannabe terrorist.

Then show them we mean it with demonstrable social integration policies, jobs and a brighter future.

My favorite line of this wonderful piece: President Obama, as leader of the world’s No1 military superpower, needs to take his demob-happy smirk off his face and get serious.

As that isn’t going to happen, Morgan better hope Europe’s leaders make other plans for their immediate security needs.

Morgan has been on a roll, too.

….As Trump moves ahead of Hillary in the polls for the first time, enjoying the traditional post-convention bounce, I am smelling a similar dramatic upset at the general election in November and if my nostrils are correct, then Hillary will have only herself to blame.

The shocking sense of entitlement that pervades from every pore of this Democrat nominee and her supporters is almost overwhelming.

Nowhere has this been more lamentably confirmed than in the sudden avalanche of 20,000 emails revealed by Wikileaks late last week, which laid bare a distinctly unpleasant Clinton-ite underbelly to the Democrats.

I must say, Morgan now makes more sense that many of the conservative opinion-makers I have trusted these many years.

While preparing this post, I came across an interview that Morgan did with Trump. I thought some here might enjoy viewing it, to compare the take the interviewer had in March versus the one he has in July.

There is also about four months between now and our election. If Trump can persuade someone like Morgan about the strength of his immigration approach, he can persuade others as well.

This November, Trump’s margin of victory over Clinton could be….YUGE!

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