The Munich police have an 18-year-old German-Iranian male shot and killed eight people today. He killed himself afterwards and they do not have a motive.

Live Feed, Sky News:

They also confirmed he was the only gunman and used a pistol, not a rifle. They will not release any information about the eight victims until they have notified the families. Children are among the dead and wounded.

Obama had to insert himself when he released his statement about the Munich shooting. He brought up Malia graduating college and leaving the nest:

‘Our way of life, our freedoms,’ he said, ‘our ability to go about our business every day, raising our kids’ – and suddenly the president’s mood shifted.

‘And seeing them grow up and graduate from high school, and now about to leave their dad,’ he continued, waving his hand and breaking the tension as the room erupted in laughter.

‘I’m sorry. I’m getting a little too personal. Getting a little too personal there,’ he said.

However, one witness told CNN the shooter yelled “allahu Akbar.”

Video of the conference with the Munich police spokesman:

Here is an image of the shooter:

One of the gunmen shot himself in the head:

A major police operation is underway in Munich’s Moosach district.  Police has asked people to vacate all public places and stay at homes until further notice. German authorities have refused to call it a terrorist attack at this point.

Today’s shootings come just 5 days after a 17 year old Afghan migrant went on a stabbing spree inside a commuter train near the southern Germany city of Würzburg. Munich is two and a half hour from Würzburg.

Live Feed, TMTT 15:

[Cover image courtesy France 24, YouTube] [Author is analyst reporting from Cologne, Germany]

*Mary Chastain providing some of the updates.