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MOVIE REVIEW: Clinton Cash is a Must-See Film

MOVIE REVIEW: Clinton Cash is a Must-See Film

The general public would be horrified by this.

I watched the new documentary film “Clinton Cash” based on the book by Peter Schweizer this week and all I can say is the Clintons’ corruption is worse than most people know.

As a full time blogger, I watch cable news and monitor political news all day every day and even I didn’t know the extent of the Clintons’ influence and the way they’ve used it to enrich themselves and others. I think most members of the general public would be horrified by what’s presented in this film.

In just over an hour, the film takes you on a world tour of Hillary and Bill’s influence peddling.

Starting in Africa, the film explains the Clintons’ ties to corrupt political leaders who sell out their people for mineral rights. Then to Haiti, where the Clintons were supposed to oversee recontruction after the 2010 earthquake and used the opportunity to enrich friends and partners. From there, we go to Colombia where Clinton associates were granted timber harvesting rights in a rain forest. Then it’s off to India for a questionable nuclear deal. We then visit Russia which, thanks to the Clintons, now controls a major portion of Uranium production in the United States.

My description barely scratches the surface. Every questionable deal highlighted in the film is preceded or succeeded by a donation to the Clinton Foundation or a highly paid speech by Bill Clinton and most of this happened while Hillary Clinton was serving as the Secretary of State. Additionally, the business is being done with people from countries with abysmal records on human rights and treatment of the environment, suggesting that for all her talk about progressive values, Hillary Clinton has no problem looking the other way for a price.

At the heart of the film is the suggestion by Schweizer that the Clintons have taken pay-for-play political cronyism to a global scale and made a fortune doing so.

It’s a little over 60 minutes and at the time of this writing it’s available to watch for free:

Most members of the public are blissfully unaware of the astounding claims made in this film. They would be horrified if they knew half of what’s presented here. Especially her liberal supporters who believe Hillary stands for women, children and the environment.

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It’s like a political version of “American Greed.” It’s great, informative, and sticks to the facts.

The section on how the Clintons took money from Haitian Earthquake relief & Haiti never got rebuilt is heartbreaking.

If I may add a review of D’souza’s “Hillary’s America,” that movie was 1 hour 40 minutes long and and about one hour of it was A+ informative greatness and 40 minutes of it waste of time fluff. “Clinton Cash” is lean and mean, and sticks to the facts with no fluff. Now that it’s on YouTube, everybody should watch it.

    b93950 in reply to rotten. | July 29, 2016 at 1:53 am

    After watching the film, “Clinton Cash,” I realized that the Clinton’s have manufactured a global network of corruption so vast that it appears to be unstoppable.
    NAFTA, Benghazi, Clinton emails – all are not even important enough to stop this horrible nefarious couple.
    The Clinton’s have laundered so much money in speech donations to the illegitimate Clinton Foundation worldwide and the only way to stop them is to cut off the head of the snake, which is an idiom used in a battle or military application in which you remove the most dangerous opponent or the leader first, so that the other enemies will be easier to deal with or to eliminate suffering from tyranny and oppression caused by one’s enemy.

I saw it online.

SHORT REVIEW: Factual but *MEH*.

LONGER REVIEW: Speaking of this AS A MOVIE…while the *immaculately* researched book is invaluable, I found the film to be
to the point of numbing (though not alientaing) exactly the sort of viewers (independents and dems) it wants to persuade.

That’s fully the fault of the producer & director.

I thought that “Hillary’s America” – though rambling and disjointed at times – was a MUCH more persuasive film for the general public.

    Ragspierre in reply to Kauf Buch. | July 28, 2016 at 1:54 pm

    I KIND of agree with your point as to redundancy.

    I listened more than watched the film, and after a point I kind of tuned out.

    But that’s more a function of the fact that the Clintons have pulled the same crap over and over. The makers were just faced with the challenge of not leaving anything important out.

    And anyone who would take a relief dollar away from the Haitians is a monster.

and if it ever disappears from youtube got version self hosted.
have not had chance to watch yet though

Saw it and left depressed.

Like the Colliseum in ruins, it testifies to our degraded, vanished state, of our morally bankrupt governors, government, society, and ultimately, us. That our government fails to indict, that one of our two parties nominates, and that our people might well elect an exposed liar, unindicted felon, White House grifter, and warmonger (Libya lined Blumenthal’s pockets), is painful to face.

If objective history is still being written several centuries from now her election will be an important milestone in our destruction.

inspectorudy | July 28, 2016 at 2:19 pm

I watched it but it gets old fast. I mean who among us does already know hillary and bill are crooks? Everyone they do business with is a crook or becomes one after dealing with them. There’s is a shameless life of graft, corruption, lies, traitorous activity, no ethics and fraud. How the have stayed out of jail is a mystery to me.

Democrats: “Everyone does it. Who cares?”

Please don’t hate me for this, but there’s a mistake that keeps being repeated.
There’s no country called Columbia.

There are districts, cities, towns, streets, islands, rivers and valleys by that name. The capital of North Carolina goes by that name. There’s a sportswear brand by that name. There are schools, record companies, radio and TV broadcasting networks, ships and aircraft. One of the NASA space shuttles. Countless!

But the South American country is called Colombia.
Please take notice.

I did not watch it because i could not despise and loath the clintons more than i already do.

The government is failing us, and we need to be united as American people now more than ever.

We are the blood of the people, who gave their lives in the name of a better future, in the name of democracy. We are as powerless and as powerful as the people of our past… The men who were subjected to corrupt leaders were also the men that fought against it, and built the most powerful nation on earth. America gets the government is deserves. Nothing will change unless we fight for it.

United we stand, divided we fall.