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Media Job #1 – Protect Hillary from #DNCLeak fallout

Media Job #1 – Protect Hillary from #DNCLeak fallout

Expect Hillary as Victim, Sisterhood!, That’s Sexist! and Look – Russians!

The Wikileaks release of hacked Democratic National Committee emails threatens to set the Democratic National Convention on fire this week.

Whether the leaks prove the election was fixed is one thing; that it is perceived that way is beyond doubt. Already Debbie Wasserman Schultz has resigned as DNC Chair.

Not enough.

Bernie supporters are furious, and are demanding he withdraw his endorsement of Hillary. That’s highly unlikely to happen, which will shut close a possible relief valve.

The left wing of the left wing of the Democratic Party is ready to bust a gasket, and go full #NeverHillary and mean it. It will only take a few percent of Democrats to stay home or run to Green Party candidate Jill Stein for Hillary to be damaged in the general election.

The media cannot let that happen. So expect several narratives to permeate the convention coverage.

The first and easiest narrative of the DNC leak will be that Hillary had nothing to do with the anti-Bernie shenanigans, she didn’t know about it, and she can’t be blamed. But that will not be enough.

So the media will have to portray Hillary as the real victim of the DNC leak, just like she’s the victim of her home server scandal and every other scandal that has tainted her career.  “Hillary as victim” is a time tested remedy which has worked so many times in the past.

Script: Wouldn’t it be so unfair for the first WOMAN PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE from a major party to be denied the opportunity to break the GLASS CEILING and thereby see the hopes and dreams of tens of millions of little girls destroyed, just because of the actions of a few misguided DNC staffers? That’s SEXIST and MISOGYNISTIC!!!

Oh, and LOOK, SQUIRREL. The RUSSIANS did it. PUTIN. Repeat at least five times in each newscast: PUTIN-RUSSIA, PUTIN-RUSSIA, PUTIN-RUSSIA, PUTIN-RUSSIA, PUTIN-RUSSIA.

Funny isn’t it, how just at the DNC leak broke conspiracy theories surfaced that because Russia allegedly did the hack, that somehow Russia wants to help Trump because of some supposed connection:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was pushing for a “pro-Russian” platform and cited experts who say that Russian state actors were behind the recent leak of Democratic National Committee emails in an attempt to help Trump win.

“Experts are telling us that Russian state actors broke into the DNC, took all these emails, and now are leaking them out through these websites,” Mook told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday. “It’s troubling that some experts are now telling us that this was done by the Russians for the purpose of helping Donald Trump.”

The conspiracy theory doesn’t have to be proven, just talked about. If everyone is talking about PUTIN-RUSSIA, Hillary is protected.

The media has one job, and one job only this week: Protect Hillary from the DNC Leak fall out. So expect “Hillary had nothing to do with it,” “Hillary as victim,” Sisterhood!, “That’s sexist,” and LOOK RUSSIANS! to be all over the airwaves and websites.

UPDATE: Like I predicted, less than 90 minutes after my post The NY Times set the PUTIN-RUSSIA narrative for convention coverage:

And CBS News left out a key part of the Hillary-Kaine 60 Minutes interview:


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Sooooooooooo much metaphysical justice.

So little time to fully enjoy it!

The reality of the situation is that the leftist sheep will whine but in the end they will knuckle under and follow the leader. It is what they do. It is what makes them leftists. Look at the utter spineless collapse of Bernie when presented with a situation he could have used to great advantage for his cause. The leftists have no individualism, no strength, no courage. They are like clumped rice, forming a clump out of stickiness but with no core to lend the lump of rice any strength. All they can do is whine, vilify and complain.

People with real ability and strength, people who are capable of doing real things in the real world naturally prefer a form of government and economics where rewards flow to those who perform, who make things happen. People with no spine, no ability, no strength but who have some skill manipulating others, vilifying others, inflaming the crowd against the individual naturally prefer a system of government and economics where rewards flow based on political clout and fealty to some authority. The leftists are sheep of this latter type. It is who they are. No matter how their “leaders” abuse them they just crawl back and ask for more.

DWS acted like a biased hack and got fired. When is Reince losing his job?

It seems that every time Hillary gets caught, the media (or FBI) rolls out the McNaughton defense — that Hillary did not know the nature (She was unaware that she was actually doing _________) nor the quality (She was unaware that it was wrong) of what she did. Of course, she did not intend to do anything that she may have done anyway. She must be the most clueless and ignorant candidate to ever run for POTUS but the media will attempt to paint her as the smartest woman to ever live.

Also, will she get a media pass for choosing a racist, sexist, white-priveledged running mate? He is a white male so the narrative does apply does it not?

I agree with LE that it just may fail this time.

    fwiffo in reply to TX-rifraph. | July 24, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    Get caught in what? In being aware that DNC was on her side and not Sanders? Is there anyone who follows that election who was not aware of this?

    And don’t get started on Kaine. Kaine is really hated by Berniebots because he is much too centrist and advocated many policies that are fairly conservative. In quite a few ways he is to the right of Republican candidate.

      JYLD in reply to fwiffo. | July 25, 2016 at 12:18 pm

      Really. LOL. Where is Kaine more conservative?

      Does Kaine want:

      Bigger tax cuts than Trump?
      Less regulation than Trump?
      More oil, gas, and coal production than Trump?
      More opposed to stupid trade deals like Nafta and TPP than Trump?
      Wants to build a bigger border wall than Trump?
      Wants to deport more illegals than Trump?
      Wants to import even fewer middle east muslims than Trump?
      Is even less a b8g wall street gl9balist than Trump?
      Better on guns than Trump despite his F rating from NRA compared to Trump’s endorsement from NRA?

      Please enlighten us with specifics supp I rting your bullshit claims.


Wait, what?

No, no…Reset button!

DieJustAsHappy | July 24, 2016 at 9:52 pm

The “script” as outlined in the article on the mark. I expect Ole ‘ill-ary, at some point during the convention, to break out in a chorus of Nobody know the Trouble I’ve Seen.

Surely, she’ll wrap up he acceptance speech with I Did It My Way with an all-male chorus during their Rockets-like performance in the background Afterwards, the delegates will break out with If you knew ‘ill-ary, like we know ‘ill-ary, oh, oh, what a gal! All we go home, knowing full well she got away with another one.

Basic reply. Why would the Russians want Trump when they can so easily steal Hillary’s email?

Church of the Selective Principles. This latest revelation may force a schism of the Pro-Choice Church.

It is Russians, though, and they definitely prefer Trump. Here is a very good account of Trump’s relations with Russia:
in a way Trump is more at home in Moscow than he is in New York.
That Kremlin harts the Donald and goes out of its way to help him is far more important that the Dem insiders went out of their way to help their favorite (which the GOP did for Trump as well, I’m sure).

I think the Russians do not want Hillary elected: they would be horrified at having the head of the world’s only superpower be some fool who has no concern for security.

Russian paranoia is well-known and has instructed their foreign policy for many decades. They wanted the Eastern Bloc to protect their own borders (and get them money). They like their buffers, their spies, and their security. The notion that the Secretary of State of the United States would dare run a home-brewed email server open to, not only them, but every half-assed, high-school hacker, would drive them up the freaking wall.

    You “sense”?
    I happen to read the Russian press and I happen to know Russians. Trump is their man in more ways than one.
    Don’t like Foer? Follow Garry Kasparow on Twitter and see what he has to say about your guy.
    You don’t need to go that far. What Manafort said about essentially blowing up NATO is enough.
    Hillary, as corrupt and as awful as she is, is at least going to stick with NATO and NAFTA.

    I think you’ve just made the case for why Russia would love to see Hillary elected. She’s incompetent and ridiculously stupid and greedy (i.e. thrilled to hand over control of a significant chunk of our uranium to Russia). She’s the gift that keeps on giving . . . to Russia. Russia is making great strides forward in its desire to be the sole world superpower, and Hillary’s ineptitude at State is partly responsible for that progress.

    Not that Trump would be any better; he’s got a man-crush on Putin that just won’t quit. After all, Putin’s a real alpha male as compared to Trump’s beta spoiled puppy mewlings and foot-stomping, and every time he mentions Putin, Trump’s star-struck drool dribbles on Putin’s foot.

    Frankly, Putin has to see this election as a win for Russia . . . no matter which of these deplorable human beings wins the WH.

      True. However, the talk about Clinton looking manageable from Kremlin’s point of view is largerly irrelevant in the light of the avalanche of evidence pointing to Russians preferring Trump. They’ll take Clinton, but it’s Trump who they really want.

        Oh, definitely agreed, Edge. Trump is a naive baby compared to Putin . . . who can (and will) manipulate and outmaneuver Trump in his sleep.

          tom swift in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | July 25, 2016 at 7:26 am

          Get real.

          Putin is an intensely cautions, perhaps even timorous, man. After the biggest gift any Russian leader since Kerensky ever had—a self-absorbed panty-waist in the White House—he didn’t make so much as a move. It was what, six years? before he even peeked out his front door. Since then he’s been playing a very slow game of seeing what he can get away with … but he’s frittered his opportunity away; Obama’s “sell by” date is approaching, and he has no idea what will replace it.

          Trump’s unpredictability is itself a weapon. Putin’s reactions, with a time-constant measured in months or years, will be paralyzed. I expect he’ll be relieved to go back to something nice and predictable … maybe wrestling with bears. (It won’t be golf, for sure.) The tactics of unpredictability, which history tells us worked so well for Elizabeth I against Philip II, will work at least as well for Trump against today’s far more cautious opponents.

          So how do you explain Kremlin’s support for Trump? Because they do support him.

      Where in the world do you come off calling Donald Trump a ‘deplorable human being?’

      Such nonsense.

        I’m not sure what “where do you come off” means, but I’m assuming it’s some kind of slang or colloquial language intended to suggest that I have no right to state my opinion. If this reading is correct . . . Um, because I think he is a deplorable human being. And so far, at least, stating a negative opinion of Donald Trump is neither a crime nor an actionable offense.

I must say I love the picture on Drudge . A donkey walking away from the camera.

I really really want Trump to run a commercial during the convention. The fence around the convention and Hillary( her voice ) taking Trump to task for wanting to build a wall.

The Russian angle is bogus.

Russian intelligence modus operandi, consistent from the days of the Okhrana, then through the Soviet era (Vecheka, OGPU, NKVD, MGB, MVD, and KGB) to today’s SVR, has never varied. They never reveal what they know; a sound strategy which has served them well. It would be rash to assume they’ve changed for a minor goal like embarrassing Hillary.

If the Russians want to implicate someone, they’ll just fabricate imaginary material—a new Protocols of the Elders of the DNC—and plant it somewhere where some idiot will be sure to find it and run to a leftie newspaper with it. Again, that’s how they’ve done it in the past, and I expect will do it in the future.

    rotten in reply to tom swift. | July 26, 2016 at 10:04 am

    There was a story about a year ago about how the Israelis had hacked Debbie Wasserman Shultz and the DNC because the DNC were taking nearly zero security precautions. (Israel was spying on the sorts of rich globalist donors who influence both American and Israeli elections).

    If the Israelis could do it and DWS didn’t improve her security, then Anybody could do it.

    Hell, there are many world actors who don’t want to see a continuation of the Obama foriegn policy.

Rick the Curmudgeon | July 24, 2016 at 11:43 pm

Looks like DWS has the same job (put H->illary! back in the White House) but she’ll have a different signature on her paycheck.

As long as we are all engaging in baseless Hillary cover up propaganda: Maybe the DNC leaks are just a warning/reminder to Hillary. The Russians are saying to her remember to do what we want or we will release the really good stuff like Hillary’s 33,000 deleted emails.

The DNC emails are just a shot over the bow of the USS Hillary.

Damn. Why would the Russians do this to her?

Didn’t she give them ENOUGH uranium?

1. Notice how no one is denying the charges that the DNC did something wrong and are all instead pointing the finger at the Russians?
2. Assuming the Russians had a hand in this, then would it be because they like Trump or that they are scared to death of Hillary, her war mongering, and her Olympian-level and proven incompetence? I would submit it is almost certainly the latter.
3. It would seem to be the ultimate in chutzpah to claim that since the DNC worked so very hard to ensure Hillary got the nomination, that Hillary should be the victim of any backlash for she is just a woman and victim. After all, according to their warped logic, it would be unfair to use this crisis that Hillary was not a part of (and yet reaped the rewards of it) that put her into the position of being the Democrat nominee to hurt her election chances.
4. This still leaves us with Hillary who will always refuse to answer any question out of fear of saying something wrong and whose only real accomplishment in life (besides being dishonest and a criminal) was marrying Bill.
I cannot wait for the debates to start.

    jhkrischel in reply to Cleetus. | July 25, 2016 at 12:17 pm

    I can’t wait to hear this during the debates:

    TRUMP: How can you talk about standing up for women, when you protected your rapist husband from the consequences of his anti-woman violence?

    CLINTON: ……

My goodness, one can only hope that the Bernie supporters marching in “hillary for jail” tee shirts did not make her sad during “coronation week” in Philadelphia.

Has it been ruled out beyond a doubt that Hillary’s server was the gateway for the hacking of the DNC? Has anyone asked?

And as I just registered with LI today, I’ll also ask a couple questions that have been on my mind since Director Comey’s recommendation not to indict Hillary.
Were the investigators able to determine how many emails Hillary sent on September 11, 2012 (and, if so, was that number ever made public)? And do we know if there were any “yoga” or “wedding planning” emails sent that night that were subsequently destroyed?

What makes more sense is our own intelligence community hacked and released the DNC emails as retribution for the danger Hillary’s private server put them in.

I can’t say I’m surprised by the flat denial of the fact that Trump is the Putin’s candidate.
Just heard on the radio that Trump stepped out for a campaign speech to the sound of Here Comes The Sun. It must me embarrassing to be a Trump fan.

    Ok its official you have outed yourself as a Hillary online operative. Only a complete moron or member of the in the tank for Hillary media or a paid online operative would try and push the completely made up and baseless obfuscation from the crooked behavior of Hillary and all those around her.

    Wikileaks knows where they got the emails and state it certainly wasn’t the Russians. Most likely source Wikileaks hacked the DNC servers themselves or a closet Bernie supporter sent wikileaks a thumb drive.

    Anyone trying to seriously push the Russian angle merely outs themselves as a democrat operative with ZERO credibility on this or any other issue.

    That’s you litterbox. Its clear the edge of your litterbox is at HRC headquarters.

    The real consistent story here is how it has been demonstrated over and over again for 35 years how the Clintons have an infectious crookedness that invariably leads those who associate with them into unethical and illegal conduct. From Arkansas state troopers to Webb Hubble at Rose law firm to the now dead Vince Foster to members of tge FBI and IRS to the staff at the State Department to the DNC. The corrupting influence of the Clinton Crime Family is ever present.

    Common Sense in reply to edgeofthesandbox. | July 25, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    The new democratic dog whistle!

    The Russians support Trump! Oh my gosh! Blow that whistle long and hard fools.

    Trump just got a 10 point bounce (CNN/ORC Poll) today.

    The Clinton campaign is the Titanic it’s hit the iceberg and there is no saving it.
    TRUMP 2016

      Poor little Hillary she is so hated by the world she can’t even buy support from the Russians.

      Did anyone not8ce t g at the “Hillary Standard” defense is just a rehash of the old 90s Vast Right Wing Conspiracy defense?

      She hasn’t had a new idea since 1996.

    You should be embarrassed that you are a MO-ron.

Consoling the families of America’s honored dead, next to the flag-draped caskets of the men who gave the ultimate sacrifice – Hillary Clinton clasped the hands of the parents & with careful cadence & solemn words … lied through her teeth. Integrity & the tears of grieving parents are an easy price to pay, given a chance to exploit “Feeling Their Pain” for the TV cameras. Now she calls those parents, liars.
Hillary Clinton Dishonors the Sacrifice of Fallen Heroes and their shattered loved ones, while standing over their Son’s caskets … she Dishonors America.
Hillary Clinton is a poster grandma for depraved indifference.

Even if it is a Russian plot what does that have to do with the veracity of the emails themselves? “Russia wants to influence the election” and “the emails are true and correct” are not mutually exclusive ideas, though Clinton’s cheerleading squad wants you to believe otherwise.