After a rocky first day, the Democratic Convention showed signs of the benefits of Hollywood backing.

Hillary’s acceptance night was slickly produced, and obviously geared towards “humanizing” Hillary.

If humanizing Hillary was the goal, her acceptance speech was just the opposite. We saw fighting, angry Hillary tonight.

That has to have been a strategic decision, with Katy Perry’s Fight Song played repeatedly as Hillary took the stage. Nothing is left to chance or done off the cuff by the Clinton campaign. Surely, a focus group somewhere predicted that was the way to go.

Perhaps Hillary was feeling the heat from a politically successful, but unpolished, Republican convention. Trump seems to have gotten under her skin. An unexpectedly large portion of her speech was devoted to Trump, but when she attacked Trump it wasn’t as the happy warrior.

Or perhaps Hillary felt a full-throated embrace of progressive politics was needed to mend fences with Bernie supporters.

Whatever the reason, Hillary remained unhumanized by design.

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