Trump surrogates have been accused of debasing themselves by supporting The Donald. But have any sunk so low as poor Harold Ford, Jr., the Hillary surrogate who humiliated himself today on national TV?

Appearing on With All Due Respect, former Dem congressman Ford, disagreed with Rudy Giuliani’s statement made earlier in the day that Hillary Clinton could not get a security clearance given FBI Director Comey’s conclusion that she acted “extremely carelessly” in the handling of classified material. When Ford claimed that if he were Attorney General, he would hire Hillary for a sensitive position involving national security, it seemed that host Mark Halperin could be heard, off camera, literally laughing in his face. Remind us never to hire Ford as Attorney General.

Harold Ford, Jr.- Hillary Could Still Get a Security Clearance from Mark Finkelstein on Vimeo.

So complete was Ford’s self-humiliation that he could not even keep a straight face. Ford came close to chuckling as he said that although he would hire Hillary for a sensitive security position, he would first have a “real serious conversation” with her. High standards, Harold! Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway stated the indisputable truth: “it is disqualifying; it’s poor judgement and it’s a deal-breaker and it will be for many voters.”

MARK HALPERIN: Harold, if someone who did what Hillary Clinton is said to have done by James Comey applied for a job at the State Department or the Justice Department that required a security clearance, could they get it?

HAROLD FORD, JR.: I would imagine so. I heard Mayor Giuliani, or heard that he made that comment. I’d have to take a look at the application in full but I don’t believe, under the standard that Mr. Comey laid out, she didn’t break, she didn’t violate any statute. He recommended to the FBI, the FBI recommended to the Justice Department that no action be taken. He made the point that in terms of administrative steps that might be taken, sure. But the answer to your question is no, I —

HALPERINk: Harold, we’ve got to go to break, but I just want to clarify. If you were Attorney General and someone applied for a job, a senior position that involved national security, that would not disqualify them in your judgment?

FORDL We’d have to have a very, we’d have a real serious conversation beforehand, but, no, it wouldn’t disqualify [Ford barely suppresses a smirk, Halperin can be heard laughing off camera.]

KELLYANNE CONWAY: It is disqualifying; it’s poor judgement and it’s a deal-breaker and it will be for many voters.”