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General Flynn: Military Fired Me for Calling Our Enemies Radical Jihadis

General Flynn: Military Fired Me for Calling Our Enemies Radical Jihadis

“We have failed to challenge their jihadist doctrines”

Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn and the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency is reported to be on Trump’s short list for the vice presidential slot.

General Flynn was forced out of the DIA in 2014 amid rumors that his “management style” was “chaotic.”

The Washington Post reported at the time:

Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn is expected to end his tenure as DIA director this summer, about a year before he was scheduled to depart, according to officials who said Flynn faced pressure from Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. and others in recent months . . . .

. . . . Flynn, who served as a top intelligence adviser to Gen. Stanley McChrystal in Iraq and Afghanistan, arrived at the DIA in July 2012 vowing to accelerate the agency’s overhaul. Asked after a public speech how he would treat employees reluctant to embrace his agenda, Flynn said he would “move them or fire them.”

He drafted a blueprint that called for sending more employees overseas, being more responsive to regional U.S. military commanders, and turning analysts’ attention from the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan to a broader array of emerging national security threats.

. . . . Critics said that his management style could be chaotic and that the scope of his plans met resistance from both superiors and subordinates. At the same time, his tenure was marked by significant turbulence, including the fallout from the classified intelligence files leaked by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, as well as other emerging crises.

However, when Carly Fiorina named General Flynn as one of the generals who had to “retire early” because they told Obama things “he didn’t want to hear,” even Politifact agreed in General Flynn’s case.

Flynn was a key intelligence adviser to McChrystal in Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2012, he became the  head of the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency. According to the Washington Post, Flynn wanted to reorganize the agency, placing more operatives overseas and focusing on a range of threats beyond the conflict zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. His management style and strategic plans put him at odds with his bosses, importantly, Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Michael Vickers.

Flynn and his deputy left the agency at the same time.

Flynn’s story largely aligns with Fiorina’s message.

Yesterday, General Flynn published an article in The New York Post entitled “The military fired me for calling our enemies radical jihadis.”  In this article, General Flynn undermines the early reports of problems with his leadership.

General Flynn writes:

Two years ago, I was called into a meeting with the undersecretary of defense for intelligence and the director of national intelligence, and after some “niceties,” I was told by the USDI that I was being let go from DIA. It was definitely an uncomfortable moment (I suspect more for them than me).

I asked the DNI (Gen. James Clapper) if my leadership of the agency was in question and he said it was not; had it been, he said, they would have relieved me on the spot.

I knew then it had more to do with the stand I took on radical Islamism and the expansion of al Qaeda and its associated movements. I felt the intel system was way too politicized, especially in the Defense Department. After being fired, I left the meeting thinking, “Here we are in the middle of a war, I had a significant amount of combat experience (nearly five years) against this determined enemy on the battlefield and served at senior levels, and here it was, the bureaucracy was letting me go.” Amazing.

Outlining his philosophy about winning the war against radical Islamic terrorism, General Flynn continues:

[W]e’re not going to talk our way out of this war, nor can we escape its horrors. Ask the people in San Bernardino or South Florida, or the relatives of the thousands killed on 9/11. We’re either going to win or lose. There is no other “solution.”

I believe we can and must win. This war must be waged both militarily and politically; we have to destroy the enemy armies and combat enemy doctrines. Both are doable. On military battlefields, we have defeated radical Islamic forces every time we have seriously gone after them, from Iraq to Afghanistan. Their current strength is not a reflection of their ability to overwhelm our armed forces, but rather the consequence of our mistaken and untimely withdrawal after demolishing them.

We have failed to challenge their jihadist doctrines, even though their true believers only number a small fraction of the Muslim world, and even though everybody, above all most living Muslims, knows that the Islamic world is an epic failure, desperately needing economic, cultural and educational reform of the sort that has led to the superiority of the West.

. . . .  As we defeat them on the ground, we must clearly and forcefully attack their crazy doctrines. Defeat on battlefields does great damage to their claim to be acting as agents of divine will. After defeating al Qaeda in Iraq, we should have challenged the Islamic world and asked: “How did we win? Did Allah change sides?”

We need to denounce them as false prophets, as we insist on the superiority of our own political vision.

That vision, Flynn asserts, cannot be accomplished with the current administration.

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Five years of combat experience? Generals do not have combat experience.

    Ragspierre in reply to Old0311. | July 10, 2016 at 2:41 pm

    I can’t find teh “sarc” tag, so I assume you’re kidding.

    George S. Patton led the first mechanized assault in history against Poncho Villa. As a baby cavalry officer.

    Frank G in reply to Old0311. | July 10, 2016 at 3:15 pm

    reeeaaally? They’re just “hired” as Generals?

    I suppose General McArthur wading out into the Philippine surf prior to being evacuated & saying “I shall return” & later so doing doesn’t count as “combat experience”.

    Generals Washington, Grant & Sherman might take exception to your assertion. Wasn’t it another WW ll general who when given the opportunity to surrender gave the terse response of “Nuts?”

      Old0311 in reply to secondwind. | July 10, 2016 at 4:02 pm

      Sure, all those WW2 generals had combat experience, but an air force guy sitting in an office can’t hardly claim to have been in combat anymore that Brian Williams. Unless he was talking about the tv show.

        Senator Bluto Blutarsky in reply to Old0311. | July 10, 2016 at 4:19 pm

        Mind explaining how LTG Flynn is Air Force, considering that he’s wearing the ASU Class As with a paratrooper’s skill badge?

        Ragspierre in reply to Old0311. | July 10, 2016 at 4:30 pm

        urm…Army, Old. Plus, even Air Force pukes get shot at and killed in combat.

        According to Wiki he’s a retired Army Lt. General.
        Wiki is not one of my preference sources.

        buckeyeminuteman in reply to Old0311. | July 11, 2016 at 2:18 pm

        The Air Force’s newest Chief of Staff, General Goldfein (who I’ve had the privilege of meeting a few years ago) was shot down in his F-16 while dropping bombs over Serbia. Air Force pararescuemen came in under fire and pulled him out. Don’t let the myths about the “Chair Force” fool you.

      Old0311 in reply to secondwind. | July 10, 2016 at 4:07 pm

      And his claim to five years was against our present enemy. And Rags, few general officers get their hands dirty doing the work. In this century there aren’t many Storming Norman’s.

      Joe-dallas in reply to secondwind. | July 10, 2016 at 5:03 pm

      Mccarthur’s combat experience was in WWI.

      McCarthur had close to zero combat experience in WWII. Other than his disatorous performance dec 8th 1941 should have gotten him fired that day. It was wainwright would coordinated the retreat down to battan. he tooka $1m bribe from the phillipine Govt. The only reason he wasnt fired was Roosevelt did not want another republican challenge to the presidency. His actions in Korea were similarly disastorous. With the exception of the battle of leyte gulf, the phillipines were a non factor in the defeat of japan.

      To tie up a loose end & I’m out.
      The officer was Brig. General Anthony McAuliffe. He wasn’t given the opportunity to surrender, instead he was awoken from a sound sleep to accept the surrender of 2 German officers & their affected troops. He then responded with “nuts.”

All American Hero general is paid by Putin’s RT tv network and met with Putin without prior govt approval…while still in possession of the US’s most sensitive Top Secret info.

Is it too early to canonize him?

    Nothing in the article linked in that tweet backs up that contention. Any other lies to peddle?

      I remember when my mommy wouldn’t let me use Google either…

      In fact, Donald Trump is receiving foreign policy advice from a former chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. Lt. Gen. Flynn is a registered Democrat, who “has not ruled out running for elected office at some point in the future.”

      In 2014, General Flynn referred to Russia as an adversary to the U.S. and said that the annexation of Crimea could and should have been dealt with, based on the intelligence that was available beforehand. On December 10, 2015, General Flynn happily attended a gala celebration for the Kremlin’s leading state-sponsored propaganda network, RT (formerly known as Russia Today).

      Tuxedo-clad Flynn was seated next to the head of RT, Margarita Simonyan, and the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. The very next day in an RT interview Flynn said that Russia and the U.S. are in “a marriage, whether we like it or not” and asserted that “we don’t need that marriage to break up.” When asked by the host why the U.S. was reluctant to trust Russia, Lt. Gen. Flynn didn’t even think to bring up its aggression against Ukraine. His attitude had notably shifted towards working with Russia with “common goals” in mind.

After defeating al Qaeda in Iraq, we should have challenged the Islamic world and asked: “How did we win? Did Allah change sides?”

Unfortunately, the General hasn’t read the Koran. His question has a simple answer: You did not slay/enslave/rape/convert enough infidels to prove your faith in Allah, so Allah is withholding his favor.

General Flynn’s face reflects hearing a lifetime of B.S. from the political officers corps and then going out & doing what was necessary.

Could he be Muad’ Dib?

smalltownoklahoman | July 10, 2016 at 3:26 pm

” . . . As we defeat them on the ground, we must clearly and forcefully attack their crazy doctrines. Defeat on battlefields does great damage to their claim to be acting as agents of divine will. After defeating al Qaeda in Iraq, we should have challenged the Islamic world and asked: “How did we win? Did Allah change sides?”

This right here is key. Islam needs to be challenged and those who either want to change it or leave it supported heavily so that they don’t have to constantly fear being put to death by the radical (and even not so radical) members of Islamic society and eventually make up the majority of that society. Thing is, in terms of time frames, this is likely to be a multi generational goal to achieve. Whole countries have lived under Islam for centuries and the effects of that won’t go away quickly. You not only would have to get the current general populace of these nations used to living in a free society (or at least something not as horrifically brutal as Islam) but maintain it for at two or three generations so that what life was like under Islam exists only in their elders memories and history books. Only once that has been achieved could you relax about islam posing a significant threat in that country; either as a threat to it’s populace or using that nation as a staging ground to launch attacks on other nations.

Kill enough of them and they will quit.

Historically, “enough” has been between 30 and 50%. If it is 90%, so be it.

This is, and has always been, the only solution.

Just FWIW, Flynn is a registered Deemocrat, according to Wiki.

General Flynn to ABC’s Martha Ratsass today.
“It’s illegal if they’re here illegally, not undocumented.”

The Oracle called. She said that Trump is not the One.
She also said that you took the wrong pills. They were LSD. That explains the unicorns in your eyes.

Anyone, (even remotely), related to McCrystal became toxic to the administration once McCrystal was forced out after speaking the truth…

If he is picked for the VP slot, it would be yet another instance on the R side of the VP nominee being a better pick for president than the person running for president.

I can only think of one time when that did not turn out to be a losing strategy. Two if you count Bush’s re-election.

Obama is a traitor. Of course he fired General Flynn for trying to protect America.

Repeat: Obama is a traitor. Let’s start the conversation there.

It’s even worse than you think.

“…By 2011, Obama’s Counterterrorism and Deputy national security advisor John Brennan was urged by Muslim, Arab, and South Asian organizations to begin an “independent, effective investigation into the federal government’s training of its agents and other law enforcement” and institute a “purge” of any material that the undersigned organizations deemed unacceptable.

In an October 19, 2011 letter to Mr. Brennan, the groups criticize for anti- Muslim bias the FBI’s 2011 training manual, the books at the FBI library in FBI training academy in Quantico, Virginia, specific FBI trainers and analysts, and a report made by Army Command and General Staff at the Fort Leavenworth School of Advanced Military Studies.”

There were 57 Muslim groups who signed the letter. I recognized most of the groups as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) terror funding trial in 2007/2008. The Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) own documents (entered as exhibits at the trial) identified them as front groups that they founded in the US to advance the “grand jihad” against the West.

Thus began the purge. They purged those specific trainers and analysts (they were contractor; they simply didn’t renew their contracts). They purged all references to Islam and instead now we have “Violent Extremism.” They sent all who had been trained by those “Islamophobes” to reeducation camp.

This was all coordinated between those MB front groups and Obama and his administration. How do I know? Because immediately after Obama’s National Security Adviser Brennan responded (on White House stationary, he didn’t use his own office’s stationary, to let them know they had Obama’s ear) the Pentagon issued new training guidelines demanding everything offensive to those groups be purged.

It was dated before the letter.

Other agencies started issuing “training dos and don’s” (in line with what the groups demanded in their letter, which you can read at the link above). Most notably DHS’s Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. One of their don’ts was, “Don’t call Muslim civil rights groups fronts for foreign Islamic groups.” So within five years of the HLF trial it is now forbidden to say what the DoJ had firmly established as the truth at the HLF trial.

Recall the Fort Hood massacre. If you read the final report on “work place violence” you’ll notice what is notable by its absence. Any reference to to Islam or even Nidal Hassan’s name. Instead, like the gay bar shooter and the Dallas shooter, we just may never know why some unnamed individual went off his nut that day and killed 13 people in an act of random “work place violence”

This is also why Obama won’t ever say Islamic extremism. If you recall his meeting with French President Hollande, it’s also why the audio mysteriously cut out when he mentioned Islamic terrorism. Because this is how the MB, who are now running our terror/counter terror training and policy, and much of our foreign policy, want it.

Sometime in all this Congress started asking questions. One of those questions. They wanted to know who was providing terror/counter terror/intelligence training. I forget which agency, FBI or CIA, had representatives testifying that day. Those agency reps told Congress that information was classified.

Recall the Muslim groups were able to name specific trainers and analysts. That’s never been classified before. But now it is, my fellow citizens, because you must not be allowed to know the enemy is in charge of much of Obama’s foreign and national security policy. This is the equivalent of putting the KGB in charge during the Cold War.

What I’m driving at is this. Flynn was fired for saying the words “Radical Jihadis.” The terrorist-linked Muslim front groups demanded he be fired. He had to be purged like the rest. I’m not saying Obama wouldn’t have done it anyway. But now he has a team of Muslim/Middle East “experts” telling him what he wants to hear. That the US has been doing it wrong since forever and Obama’s untutored, juvenile third-worldist instincts have been right all along.

I highly advise you to read as much as you can; transcripts, the exhibits, from the HLF trial to understand who now rules you. That’s no exaggeration. Remember what Voltaire said.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

You Islamophobes!

Well, Flynn wasn’t fired for saying two words. He was fired for wrongthink per our Muslim Brotherhood overlords. Flynn just wouldn’t sell out and get with the program.

A few links to get ya’ll started.

Judge Jorge Solis agreed that that the government should have filed the list of unindicted coconspirators under seal. But as far as I’m concerned the best reading begins at section IV where the judge adamantly refuses to grant the request of the Council on American Islamic ReLations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) to strike their name from all public documents including the file transcripts. Judge Solis says the government provided ample evidence to tie CAIR, ISNA, and NAIT to the terrorist funding/terrorist groups HLF, the Islamic Association of Palestine, and Hamas. The Judge reviews the evidence that proves these relationships. Interesting.

Remember, now that Obama has given these Hamas-linked and other Muslim Brotherhood (MB)-linked control over the training intel/counter-intel, terror/counter-terror, national security, etc., personnel, they aren’t allowed to know this.

And I mean it. It isn’t just that they aren’t being told. They’re not allowed to know it, or at least let it effect their work if they do know it.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s general strategic plan for North America. It’s in Arabic for the first 15 pages as hand numbered on the bottom right of the page. There’s a list of “our organizations and organizations of our friends” on the last page.

It’s hard to believe that as late as February 2010 there were still Obama officials defending the fact that they had designated CAIR an unindicted coconspirator.

Letter from the Assistant Attorney General to Rep. Myrick (R-NC). It lists some of the evidence that establishes CAIR’s terrorist ties. If you’re interested try searching under the file names to get the testimony presented at the HLF trial.

And now CAIR is essentially in the driver’s seat at the Obama White House. Good times, good times.