Last week, my beloved husband took me on a much needed birthday vacation in Maine.

Despite the fact that I was trying to ignore the 2016 election insanity for a brief time, I couldn’t entirely escape it.

When we hit a tourist shop in Kennebunkport, Maine, we were astonished by the amount of 2016 election paraphernalia already on sale.

For example, despite the array of opinion on the GOP nominee in the Legal Insurrection comments, I think we can all agree on this:


Andy may of us can also agree on this:


My loved ones follow my Countdown to Obama’s Last Day in Office page (as of this post, the count is 185), so they all offered to purchase this gem for me:



Hillary was featured:


But my absolute favorite item had a more practical use:


The store also had items that catered to Democrat voters as well! However, it was interesting to note that most of the items featured Bernie Sanders…and we noticed many more Sanders than Clinton signs and bumper stickers through our many drives in New England.

We also drove by the Bush estate. It appears that everyone is hiding out until after the GOP convention is over.


I hope this post signed some light on the state of the election!