When Kemberlee noted that President Obama, Vice President Biden, and the Democratic VP pick Tim Kaine were featured speakers at the Democratic Party’s third convention night, I knew the evening would be a long one.

Not surprisingly, Obama’s address featured more fear-mongering about Donald Trump than it did his own policy successes. Far more interesting was the story taking place off the stage: #DNCProtests were erupting throughout the evening.

#NeverHillary and #DemExit activists were streaming continuous videos of protests against Hillary Clinton’s rigged nomination through the speeches. I must say, their efforts were far more interesting and informative.

And while it is hard to estimate the level of participation, there seemed to be no small number of Democrats unhappy with events as they unfolded this week.

It appears that the Sanders protests were disrupted by the same sorts of anarchist interlopers that would often try and crash our group’s Tea Party events.

My personal favorite was the Democrat Party coffin the demonstrators tossed over the security fencing.

Yet, some protesters did make it into the convention center with a homemade sign.

The dramatic exit after the roll-call was a featured topic on among the Sanders supporters.

The fact that the elite media was mostly absent from covering these demonstrations was noticed by the participants.

In fact, a report from the Fox Business Network was very illuminating:

Listening to these demonstrators, it is clear that they are far more upset about the rigged primary season than they are about Donald Trump. No amount of Obama lecturing is going to change the feeling that Hillary Clinton stole the nomination.

I predict even more robust demonstrations will occur tonight, when Hillary Clinton takes the stage…especially in light of the Wikileaks voicemails that have just been released.

In fact, it looks like I may have to stay sober enough to cover tomorrow evening’s protests. Once again, a blogger is doing the job the American press won’t do.


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