FBI Director James Comey testified before the House Oversight Committee earlier today. For some of the highlights of that hearing, see here.

Early in the hearing, Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz indicated he would submit a referral asking the FBI to investigate whether Hillary lied under oath.

Lawnewz has the breakdown:

“Not to the FBI, not in a case we are working,” Director Comey replied.

Congressman Chaffetz then clarified that he was referring to her testimony before the Select Committee on Benghazi in October 2015.

“Did you review the documents where Congressman Jim Jordan asked her specifically, and she said ‘There was nothing marked classified on my emails either sent or received,’” Congressman Chaffetz asked.

“I don’t remember reviewing that particular testimony,” Director Comey replied. “I am aware of that being said, though.”

“Did the FBI investigate her statements under oath on this topic?” Congressman Chaffetz asked.

“Not to my knowledge — I don’t think there has been a referral from Congress,” Director Comey replied.

“Do you need a referral from Congress to investigate her statements under oath?” Congressman Chaffetz asked.

“Sure do,” Comey replied.

Congressman Chaffetz then left no doubt that the FBI would have one, very soon.

“You’ll have one. You’ll have one in the next few hours,” Chaffetz said.

Yesterday, Senators McConnell and Cornyn called for the release of the transcript from Hillary’s FBI interview.

Yet another disturbing revelation from today’s hearing — Hillary was not sworn in prior to her three plus hour interview, nor was the interview recorded.


As for the lies? Rep. Trey Gowdy went down the list one by one:

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