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Compassion on Campus Week at College Insurrection

Compassion on Campus Week at College Insurrection

Your weekly report from the world of higher education.

Prager University has broken down a persistent myth in American politics.

The left has a funny way of showing compassion.


This guy gets it.

Compare and contrast.


Rape culture.

You think?

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The History and/or Political Science departments need to start teaching about Mao’s Red Guard. Hopefully if students are bright enough to get into one of these schools they will be bright enough to recognize similarities.

Even the Art departments can get in on the action by teaching about the “Bonfire of The Vanities” (not the novel) that took place in Florence after the death of Lorenzo de’ Medici.

Here you are Henry Brecher. From Professor Jacobson’s own site. On this site Legal Insurrection he often reports on what kind of crap your kind of leftist is pushing on Israel itself. He’s made a number of trips to Israel. The last one with his daughter a couple months ago.

Thank you to Professor Jacobson. He counters leftists like Henry with facts.