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Branco Cartoon – The Great Escape

Branco Cartoon – The Great Escape


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Beautiful Mr. Branco!


Comey then realizes what he has done. Distracted, he finds his grip loosened and his body weak. Collapsing, he falls forward, landing atop the planks. His body crushed, the impact of the metal bar snaps his neck, propelling his severed head on a beeline toward the posterior of the orange mass…

I give Comey 6 months max before he is out of the picture, so to speak.

How true! And those of us who value the truth are all pretty cheesed off about it too. Excellent Branco.

Xenomethean | July 18, 2016 at 9:47 am

I couldn’t think of a better representation! Amazing.

After pondering his face, I think he should be grinning and giving her the thumbs up. I’ve read a lot lately about Comey’s deep ties to the Clintons over the years.

Orange is definitely Hillary’s color!

For a bright guy this was not a shining example. Comey should have at least referred results of the “investigation” to the Justice Department thus putting the pressure on Lynch.

I wonder who “got to him” eh Mr prez???