You might want to have a looped soundtrack of fingernails on a blackboard cued up . . . Because you could be clamoring for something relatively soothing like that after listening to Hillary’s attempt at stand-up comedy.

With All Due Respect opened today’s show with a clip of Hillary trying to use humor to attack Donald Trump, as she stood in front of one his shuttered Atlantic City casinos. But the humor fell so flat, and was delivered in such a grating tone, that WADR put its own seal of . . . disapproval on the performance by following each “joke” with a classic “wha wha” or other sarcastic sound. Co-host John Heilemann delivered the  coup de grâce, acerbically saying: “oh boy, spontaneous humor abounding in Atlantic City.”

Has there ever been a weaker presidential candidate than Hillary Clinton? She makes Walter Mondale look like Shecky Greene, and has all the personal warmth and charm of [fill in the blank.] The irony is that Donald Trump trounced the Republican primary field, but might be the only guy who could lose to her. But it’s a long way to November . . .

MARK HALPERIN: I’m Mark Halperin.

JOHN HEILEMANN: And I’m John Heilemann. And with all due respect to Hillary, James Comey had better material.

HILLARY CLINTON: His campaign said, let’s sell off America’s assets. Where do we start: the Statue of Liberty?

WADR SOUNDTRACK: Wha, wha, wha, wha.

HILLARY: If he wants to make America great again, maybe he should start by actually making things in America again.


HILLARY: We need to write a new chapter in the American dream, and it it sure cannot be Chapter 11.

WADR SOUNDTRACK: [another mocking sound effect]

HEILEMANN: Oh boy: spontaneous humor abounding in Atlantic City.

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