A 19 year old man was arrested at a Trump rally in Las Vegas over the weekend when he tried to grab a gun from a police officer. The man, now identified as Michael Sandford, is originally from the UK and has admitted to authorities that his intention was to kill Donald Trump.

The Daily Mail reports:

Protester, 20, grabbed a policeman’s firearm at Las Vegas rally and said he wanted to KILL Donald Trump, after driving from California and learning how to shoot on a gun range the day before

A British man arrested at a Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas told authorities he tried to grab an officer’s gun so he could kill the billionaire Republican presidential candidate.

Anti-Trump protester Michael Steven Sandford, 19, who appeared in court on Monday, even went to a gun range on Friday so he could learn how to shoot.

The 20-year-old, who was carrying a UK driver’s licence, was arrested at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino on Saturday after going for a metro police officer’s gun.

Sandford was charged with an act of violence on restricted grounds, according to a complaint filed on Monday in US District Court in Nevada.

It cites a report by Special Agent Swierkowski, whose first name was not included, saying Sandford told officers he drove from California to kill Trump and went to a Las Vegas gun range the day before to learn to shoot.

Sandford later went to a Trump rally at Treasure Island and approached a Las Vegas police officer to say he wanted an autograph from Trump.

The report says Sandford was arrested after grabbing the handle of an officer’s gun in an attempt to remove it.

According to the complaint, Sandford had targeted officer Ameel Jacob’s weapon because it was in an unlocked position and would be the easiest way to acquire a gun to shoot Trump.

Court papers read: ‘Sandford further stated that if he were on the street tomorrow, he would try this again.
‘Sandford claimed he had been planning to attempt to kill Trump for about a year but decided to act on this occasion because he finally felt confident to do it.’

Here’s a report from CNN. Notice that the chyron says he intended to “harm” not “kill” Trump:

This is not an isolated incident.

In April, a 19 year old man named Sean Morky was arrested for threatening to bomb a Trump rally.

In March, a young man named Thomas DiMassimo pleaded not guilty after he was caught on video trying to rush Donald Trump on stage at a rally.

Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, other Democrats and the entire liberal media have been calling Trump the second coming of Hitler for months. Is it any wonder that stupid young liberal beta males are responding with violence?

In 2011, when Gabrielle Giffords was shot by a deranged lunatic, Democrats insisted that Republicans were responsible by creating a climate of hate. They even tried to blame Sarah Palin’s political target map:

Palin Target Map

Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and many others are creating a very dangerous situation. They are stirring up irrational hatred of Trump and people are responding to it.

When will they take responsibility? What will have to happen?

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