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#ShootBack: Fallout from Orlando reaches California

#ShootBack: Fallout from Orlando reaches California

Gay Pride suddenly gets a conservative make-over.

The ISIS-inspired terror attack in Florida has impacted the entire nation.

From the American political outback called California, one of the most unexpected responses came from West Hollywood. The community woke up to find images of posters of “Gay Pride” flag (designed with a new, conservative twist) plastered along the streets.

Stickers and posters featuring a rainbow-colored version of the Gadsden flag and the hashtag #ShootBack were raising eyebrows in West Hollywood on Thursday morning in the wake of the massacre at a gay nightclub in Florida.

The signage was affixed to electric boxes, light poles, trash cans and other fixtures near West Hollywood City Hall, the Pacific Design Center and along Santa Monica Boulevard. Several were hung near the Abbey Food & Bar, a well-known gay lounge.

The posters featured a coiled, striking rattlesnake, similar to the yellow Gadsden flag that reads “Don’t Tread On Me” and often is used by the Tea Party movement. The West Hollywood signs were rainbow-colored, like the gay pride flag.

Welcome to the Tea Party, home of constitutionally inspired activism since 2009! The day after the Orlando massacre, I reported that the Santa Monica police arrested a man after he was caught with a car filled with weapons and explosives…heading to an area Gay Pride parade. Authorities have formally charged him with multiple felony weapons violations.

James Wesley Howell was charged Tuesday in Los Angeles County with possessing an assault weapon, a high-capacity magazine and explosives on a public highway.

He also was charged with a misdemeanor count of possessing a loaded weapon in a vehicle.

Prosecutors are asking that he be held on $2 million bail. It was unclear if Howell has an attorney.

He is going to really need a good lawyer, as it looks like Howell is facing child molestation charges back in his home state.

Meanwhile, San Diego police are investigating a threat to the local gay community posted on Craigslist.

On Tuesday evening, a 10News viewer saw the post in the men-seeking-men section of the Craigslist San Diego personal ads. He took a screenshot and sent it to 10News before the post was flagged and removed.

The post is titled “We need more Orlando’s (sic),” and it is accompanied by a photo of a hand firing a revolver with a bullet coming out of the barrel.

The post read: “Orlando was long overdue. Cleanse your community of the filth that gives decent gay men and women a bad name. Those people were walking diseases, bug chasers, and thank god for AIDS and 9-11 and now Orlando. San Diego you are next …”

Back in Sacramento, our Democratic state legislators just rushed through 10 separate gun control bills.

  • SB 880 – Ban on bullet button
  • SB 894 – Report stolen or lost weapon
  • SB1235– Ammo registration
  • SB1407 – Serial number for weapons
  • SB1446 – Magazine restrictions
  • AB1664 – Define “detachable magazine”
  • AB1637 – Require background check to purchase frame
  • AB1674 – Prohibit purchase of more than 1 gun in 30 day period
  • AB1695 – Criminalize false report of stolen firearm
  • AB2607 – Increase gun violence restraining order

For the time being, people can still purchase a variety of guns. AR-15 rifles are flying off shelves, and numerous gun owners are volunteering to train members of the LGBT community.

When there is another ISIS-inspired terror attack, the first responder might be a Gay-Pride-Gadsden-flag wearing, concealed-carry-permit holding, newly minted citizen activist.


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Everyone has the right to protect themselves.

Seeing how Paul Ryan has come out in support for Muslims against Trump, seeing “principled conservatives” hate Trump so much they’ll likely take the speakers side in any issue involving Trump, noting this is a golden opportunity involving both homosexuals & Hispanics to make an inroad ; I say it’s time to cut the anchor rope to both the party & “principled Conservatives” & move on.

California is lost. The only good thing is that it gives the rest of the country a glimpse of what single party liberal control looks like.

Like it?

No? Then consider what a whole country with single party liberal control will look like.

Very few people are gullible enough to believe the O cabal or their cohorts in the msm.

To put icing on the cake, the revolver photo is utterly (and rather obviously) a fake.

–Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

What would of happened if the populace was armed
During Nazis rise, maybe history would tell a different story.

Bottom line it is all about control

Not for nothing it is the 2nd amendment
Our founding fathers knew something….

Common Sense | June 18, 2016 at 9:54 am

Welcome LGBT to the family of 2nd amendment supporters.
A large group that crosses many of the normal political lines.
On the range, at home or conceal carrying we should all have the freedom/god given right to defend our life, family or others.

Bet the Yazidis wouldn’t scorn crates of AR-15’s.

I’m always hoping that minorities – in every sense of the world – someday realize that all of those rights, including gun ownership, were designed specifically to protect them.

Char Char Binks | June 19, 2016 at 2:13 pm

Milo came up with “Shoot Back” for the Gadsden flag.