Mexican flags will greet GOP presumptive presidential candidate Donald Trump when he visits…..Scotland.

Yes, the residents around Trump’s Aberdeenshire golf course have raised the flag to “show solidarity” with the country since Trump wants to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. The Donald ticked off these people when he built his golf course because he wanted to buy their lands.

David Milne raised one of the Mexican flags:

Mr Milne said: “I am currently flying a Mexican flag along with my usual Saltire just for solidarity along with those worldwide who Trump has decried, insulted and threatened over the years, and will continue to decry, insult and threaten.”

Michael Forbes pulled up one of the flags. He gained fame in 2012 when he refused to sell his property to Trump for the golf course. Forbes captured the “Top Scot prize in a public vote for the whisky brand’s Sprit of Scotland award” that year.

Trump also described Forbes’s property “as a total pigsty.”

People around the course “say they have repeatedly lost power and water supplies during the development of Trump’s golf course, and Milne’s house has been surrounded by a wall of earth several metres high in attempt to block the view of it from Trump’s clubhouse.”

Milne continued:

“We wanted to point out that while he seems to think he can say what he likes in one place and not hear about it elsewhere, he is wrong. If he insults someone in the States, it doesn’t mean we don’t hear about it here. We wanted to show solidarity but we don’t think he is worth doing anything more.”

Trump has called the Trump International Golf Links “one of his greatest achievements.” He also credits the battles he went through to build it for his presidential candidacy. The residents and environmental campaigners tried to stop him, but the government approved his course after a planning inquiry.

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