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Republican Senators Rail Against Trump’s Attacks on Judge Curiel

Republican Senators Rail Against Trump’s Attacks on Judge Curiel

“I warned that this was going to happen.’

Donald Trump lashed out at the federal judge presiding over the Trump University fraud case, claiming his Mexican heritage made him ineligible to properly dispense justice. Because of course.

Though Trump’s verbal assault against Judge Gonzalo Curiel began earlier this year, Trump cranked them to eleven last week. “I’m building a wall. It’s an inherent conflict of interest,” said Trump. Trump also alleged Judge Curiel, “was a former colleague and friend of one of the Trump University plaintiffs’ lawyers,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

For their part, many a Republican Senator are refusing to condone Trump’s judge fight and have gone so far as to condemn his rhetoric.

Sen. Sasse cut through the politispeak:

And Sen. Rubio said, “All I can tell you is, I ran for President. I warned that this was going to happen,” and condemned Trump’s remarks as wrong.

Sarah Rumpf blogged for Independent Journal Review:

“I think it’s wrong, [and] he needs to stop saying it,” said Rubio in a video clip from the interview posted by WFTV.

“That man [Curiel] is an American, born in the United States,” added Rubio. But even if Curiel hadn’t been born here, explained Rubio, he was still “a judge who has earned that position and in the end should be treated with the same level of respect as any other officer of the court.”

“I don’t think it reflects well in the Republican Party. I don’t think it reflects wells on us as a nation. There shouldn’t be any sort of ethnicity or religious or racial test for what kind of judges should hear what kind of cases…it’s wrong and I hope he stops.”

…Rubio also reaffirmed that he still views the election as a “binary choice” between Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, and is still planning to honor his pledge to support the Republican nominee.

Even those who’ve endorsed Trump: Senate Majority Leader McConnell, Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Senator Corker, Senator Flake, and Senator Ayotte have publicly denounced The Donald’s judge remarks.

But he loves Hispanics! Or something.

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And if you’re wondering whether The Donald has any standing in this “unfit to serve because Mexicans arrgggg” recusal spat, he does not. Ken White over at Pope Hat has the skinny.

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