In my old liberal hometown of Ithaca, NY, back in the George W. era it seemed you couldn’t drive a block without seeing a “Dissent Is Patriotic” bumper sticker. But the night Barack Obama was elected, one imagined all across town earnest souls in their driveways, scraping those stickers off.

And so it is that Joe Biden, the Vice-President of the United States, traveled to Ireland to imply that Donald Trump is ‘un-American.” For good measure, when it comes to illegal immigration, Biden proclaimed a preference for “bridges” over “walls.” Think about that.

Biden Wants Bridges Not Walls, Suggests Trump 'Un-American' from Mark Finkelstein on Vimeo.

To be sure, Biden didn’t mention Trump by name. But as Joe Scarborough said after the clip aired on today’s Morning Joe, Biden’s reference to Trump was not merely “veiled,” but “thinly veiled.”

So is that the new liberal standard: Dissent Is Unpatriotic? And is that Hillary’s plan for shovel-ready projects: new bridges across the Rio Grande to make influx easier for illegal immigrants, or, as per the phrase we like, “undocumented Democrats?” Bill Clinton’s old campaign slogan was “building a bridge to the future.” Is Hillary’s “building a bridge to a future of illegal immigration”?

JOE BIDEN: We see, in my home country, where some politicians find it convenient to scapegoat immigrants instead of welcome them. To play to our fears, to play to our fears rather than as Abraham Lincoln said, appeal to our better angels. Divide us based on religion or ethnicity rather than unite us on our common humanity. Build walls instead of bridges. It has been un-American, what we have been seeing.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Vice-President Joe Biden speaking in Ireland on Friday following the Brexit vote, making a veiled reference to Donald Trump

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Thinly veiled, thinly veiled.

MIKA: Blaming immigrants for unrest.



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