Mike Rowe teamed up with Prager University to deliver their official video commencement address. You can forget the platitudes about following your dreams and passions, because Rowe keeps it real; practical too.

Rowe challenges the oft-repeated triteness that following your passion is always the best life decision and dishes out a hard truth — just because you’re passionate about something, doesn’t mean you’re good at it:

One of the best anecdotes Rowe provides dates back to his time on the show “Dirty Jobs”. He recounts a conversation he had with a septic tank worker that went a little something like this:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 4.35.32 PM

It’s both healthy and smart to have pursuits you enjoy, but it’s a rarity those passions prove profitable. Rowe’s advice is probably not what every aspiring graduate wants to hear, but sometimes what we want and what we need are two different things entirely.

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