Wow! Mika Brzezinski absolutely ripped into Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch today for holding a private meeting earlier this week. More importantly, the Morning Joe host clearly seemed to swipe at the rest of the media and punditry class for refusing to focus on the outrage.

When Mark Halperin said “I bet you they didn’t talk about” the FBI investigation of Hillary, Brzezinski literally laughed in his face. “Come on, stop! Everybody stop! Okay, well this is why this is never going to be a problem for Hillary Clinton. People are too afraid to talk about the truth.” In a parting shot, Mika said “we’ll just move on, just like everyone else does. Even though it’s a complete sham.”

Mika Surprisingly Skeptical of Suggestion Bill and Loretta Didn’t Discuss FBI Investigation from Mark Finkelstein on Vimeo.

Readers are encouraged to view the video, to get the complete picture of just how sarcastic and skeptical Mika was in discussing the meeting and the claim that Clinton and Lynch didn’t discuss the FBI investigation, and how critical she was of unnamed others who are refusing to focus on the outrage.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: So this morning there are questions about what could have been discussed during a private meeting between former President Bill Clinton.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Mike’s laughing. You can’t make this up.

MIKA: And Attorney General Loretta Lynch yesterday.

JOE: You can’t make this up.

MIKA: No. Oh, I’m sorry, it happened on Tuesday. The face-to-face came as the Justice Department investigates Hillary’s use of a private e-mail server as Secretary of State. The attorney general says the meeting with the former president was unplanned! And that she and Bill Clinton never discussed the e-mail investigation. We’re told the two just happened to be at the Phoenix airport at the same time when the former president boarded her plane.

MIKE BARNICLE: What’s the word: optics?

JOE: Boy, this is beyond optics. This is unbelievable.

MARK HALPERIN: The good news is this gives Rush Limbaugh material for three hours today. It gives him a lot to talk about.

MIKA: Why would he get on her plane to specifically sit down and meet with her and talk about?

HALPERIN: She’s the Democratic attorney general and he’s the former Democratic president. Perfectly reasonable to talk: except under these circumstances. She shouldn’t have let him on the plane, he shouldn’t have wanted to get on the plane. I understand they’re friends, they have a lot to talk about.

MIKA: No! There’s nothing else to talk about but the one thing!

WILLIE GEIST: So they’re both at the Phoenix airport, separate planes. And he hears she is about to arrive. She’s doing something about community policing in Phoenix. He holds his plane and says I need to go visit with the attorney general. And he did. The report they gave is that he wanted to talk to her about community policing and what’s happening in Phoenix.

BARNICLE: Of course he did.

GEIST: And what’s happening in Phoenix, so he held his plane to got talk to her about that. Now, that shouldn’t have happened on either side. I think Attorney General Lynch has shown herself to be a pretty solid Attorney General at this point, so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that she won’t be corrupted by one conversation with Bill Clinton. But it shouldn’t have happened.

MIKA: Do you really think they were talking about community policing?

GEIST: No I don’t.

HALPERIN: It goes back to she wanted to have her private server. I don’t understand how it could possibly be that no one traveling with either the attorney general or the former president wouldn’t have said, this is a bad idea.

MIKA: You can’t do that. It’s not allowed.

. . .

JOE: And where was their staff?

BARNICLE: This is on DOJ, though.

JOE: Where was — who was on the plane with Loretta Lynch to say you cannot do this?

MIKA: I don’t think she needs anyone to tell her this is not a good idea. This is so obvious, right? I mean, and they didn’t talk about it?

HALPERIN: I bet you they didn’t talk about it.

MIKA [laughing]: Come on, stop! Everybody stop! Okay, well this is why this is never going to be a problem for Hillary Clinton. People are too afraid to talk about the truth, and the fact that this was wrong from the get-go, and it wasn’t allowed, as she says.

HALPERIN: I agree with that and I agree that shouldn’t have gotten on the plane, but, it doesn’t mean —

MIKA: Coming up, we’ll just move on, just like everyone else does. Even though it’s a complete sham.


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