I was doing some stuff around the site earlier this week when I stumbled upon my LI blogging stats –stats that revealed I was dangerously close to the 1,000 blog post marker. 1,000 blog posts. I know I’ve blogged a fair amount in the last (almost) two years I’ve been working at this great site, but if asked, I never would’ve guessed I was anywhere close to 1,000 blog posts.

Because this is the magic 1,000th post, seems fitting I treat it like the milestone it is.

I’ll spare everyone a lengthy piece full of shallow profundities, but will instead share a few facts and things I’ve learned along the golden LI way.


  • Professor Jacobson is one damn fine overlord. One of the best. No, I’m not kissing ass, it’s just a fact. He tolerates my made up words and somewhat frequent use of “vomit,” and he and the missus have been a great support both personally and professionally. He’s taught me an awful lot and I look forward to what I’ll learn next.
  • I love blogging. Since my very first political blog post appeared on The Right Scoop in October of 2011, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to share news, tell stories, and interact with some incredible people across the country. Almost five years later and I still love blogging. That I get to do this for a living? “Blessed” is inadequate.
  • Our collective national salvation does not lie in a politician. Yes, I know, this is somewhat subjective, is not something I’ve learned at LI, but it’s true and this is my special post, ok? But seriously, as I’ve written previously (and deeply believe), our best hope of change is in how we live.
  • There is always hope. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. Even when things seem hopeless. Sometimes we have to look harder to see it and when things are really rough, we have to create it for ourselves, but hope is ever-present.


  • Love is the most selfless endeavor any person can ever and will ever undertake.
  • The masses LOVE them some nasty outrage. Forget my legislative dissection, or meaningful treatises, my most read blog post from 2015 was about feminists peeing themselves. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  • Being pregnant is freaking hard. It’s also one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced. Having the World’s Best Husband helps.
  • Family. It’s a fabulous grounding force. Our little family is one that thrives on love, caring for one another, and pushing each other to be our best, even when we don’t have the energy to do so ourselves. I’ve always adored my family, but getting married, becoming a wife, learning to be a step-Momma, and soon-to-be-Momma, have given me a completely different appreciation for and understanding of family. They make me better and fill me with joys in ways I never would’ve imagined and I love them all the more for it.
  • No matter how much I wish it to be so, I cannot English (well) early in the morning. Always have been and always will be a night owl. This is something I’ve finally accepted.
  • Unplugging is essential to sanity and the over-politicized life leads to misery. I don’t read news on the weekends (unless we have an emergency of some kind); I don’t pay attention to social media; I unplug, focus on the important things in life, and enjoy time with my family and friends.
  • Remembering that outside of the ideological spectrum, we all share (well, most of us share) some shred of humanity. The commonality is a far better place to begin than the heated disagreement. Life is too short to have it ruined by politics.
  • A sense of humor is one the best antivenoms for the current political state. Just laugh. It helps.
  • There’s always more to learn and that’s one of life’s greatest gifts.

To all of you who take the time to read what I type, a sincere thank you. I’m honored and humbled to be part of the Legal Insurrection team and community. I appreciate your honesty, candidness, and ability to find every tiny little thing I may have missed. You’re one heckuva group of people.

Onward to the next 1,000 posts! (Someone have a drink for me, since I can’t until this tiny human joins us.)

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