It’s the same kind of elitism expressed by Brexit opponents who are casting Leave people as ignorant, parochial hicks . . . On today’s Morning Joe, historian Jon Meacham disparaged Trump supporters as people who think with their “gut” instead of with their “head.”

After video rolled of Trump supporting waterboarding and saying we had to fight ISIS fire with fire, Meacham sniffed: “Democrats tend to seem to win the intellectual argument and Trump walks away with the emotional argument.” Really? What was the “intellectual argument” won by Hillary, Obama and other Dems on the Russian reset, “leading from behind,” the Syrian redline, the toppling of Gaddafi, the withdrawal of all troops from Iraq and the Iranian nuclear deal? How’s this for an “intellectual argument”? Take your patronizing, condescending, elitism and shove it.

Historian Meacham Claims Dems Win Intellectual Argument, Trump Wins Emotional One from Mark Finkelstein on Vimeo.

DONALD TRUMP: They said, what do you think about waterboarding? I said, I like it a lot and I don’t think it’s tough enough. We have to be so strong. We have to fight so viciously and violently because we’re dealing with violent people. Vicious people. And, you know, they eat dinner like us. Can you imagine them sitting around the table or wherever they’re eating their dinner, talking about the Americans don’t do waterboarding and yet we chop off heads. They probably think we’re weak, we’re stupid, we don’t know what we’re doing. We have no leadership. You know, you have to fight fire with fire. We have laws. And the laws say you can’t do this, you can’t do that. You can’t do a lot. Their laws say you can do anything you want. And the more vicious you are, the better. So we can’t do waterboarding, which is not the nicest thing, but it’s peanuts compared to many alternatives, right? So we can’t do waterboarding, but they can do chopping off heads, drowning people in steel cages. They can do whatever they want to do.

. . .

JON MEACHAM: You see this both in the globalization, the trade debate, the terror debate, where the Democrats tend to seem to win the intellectual argument and Trump walks away with the emotional argument. And so, to some extent, the drama of the next four, five months is going to be, is it the head or the gut that wins out?


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