Governor David Ige of Hawaii has signed into law a bill that requires gun owners in that state to be registered in an FBI database that will automatically notify police if an Hawaii resident is arrested in another state.

Fox News reports:

Hawaii signed a bill Thursday to become the first state to enter gun owners into an FBI database that will automatically notify police if an island resident is arrested anywhere else in the country.

Gov. David Ige said in a statement that the legislation is about community safety and responsible gun ownership. He said it will help law enforcement agencies protect Hawaii residents and visitors.

Fox News continues:

State Sen. Will Espero, who introduced the bill, and the Honolulu Police Department said the measure could serve as a model for other states. However, critics believe gun owners shouldn’t have to be entered in a database to practice a constitutional right.

“I don’t like the idea of us being entered into a database. It basically tells us that they know where the guns are, they can go grab them” Jerry Ilo, a firearm and hunting instructor for the state, told the Associated Press last month. “We get the feeling that Big Brother is watching us.”

The National Rifle Association and the Hawaii Rifle Association had called on their members to oppose the registration bill and the measure barring those convicted of stalking or sex assault from owning or possessing a gun.

“This is an extremely dangerous bill. Exercising a constitutional right is not inherently suspicious,”  Amy Hunter for the National Rifle Association, said in May. “Hawaii will now be treating firearms as suspect and subject to constant monitoring.”

According to CNN, this data will be used to “evaluate whether the firearm owner may continue to legally possess and own firearms,” the Hawaii governor’s office said in a statement.”

CNN continues:

During the public comment process regarding the bill, opponent Quentin Kealoha asked: “Why are law abiding citizens exercising their constitutional right being entered into a criminal database? Would you enter people exercising their right to free speech into a criminal database?”
Supporters countered that adding gun owners to the database was needed because the initial background check wasn’t sufficient.
Maj. Richard Robinson from the Honolulu Police Department wrote that after the initial background check, there are no further checks on the gun owner.
“As a result, the county police departments have no way of knowing if a current Hawaii firearm owner has been convicted of a crime in another state that would prohibit him or her from owning a firearm,” Robinson wrote in a letter to the State House in March. The new law would “in essence provide an ongoing background check on firearm owners to determine their eligibility to own and possess a firearm.”

This was one of three new gun grabbing control measures the governor signed into law.

Again from CNN:

The other gun measures signed into Hawaii state law Thursday prohibit offenders who have stalked or committed sexual assault from owning guns. At least 11 other states have some sort of laws restricting people who’ve been convicted of stalking from possessing guns.

. . . .  The third new law requires gun owners to surrender their firearms and ammunition to the police if they’ve been disqualified to possess the weapons “due to a diagnosis of having a significant behavioral, emotional, or mental disorder, or due to emergency or involuntary admission to a psychiatric facility.”

If the person does not voluntarily give up their arms, the police chief has permission to seize the weapons.

The full text of the new measures can be read here, here, and here.

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