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Hamas Calls for a “Month of jihad” Against Israelis

Hamas Calls for a “Month of jihad” Against Israelis

Hamas vows more attacks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan

While the U.S. mainstream media is still busy churning out stories pondering on the motives of the shooter who killed 50 people in a Gay Club on Orlando, making it the worst terrorist attack since 9/11, the people in Israel are bracing up for another wave of intensified terror. The Gaza-based Islamic terrorist group Hamas has declared a “Month of Jihad” against Israel during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The Hamas call for a month-long “Jihad-athon” came just a day before two armed Arab terrorists opened fire inside a Tel Aviv restaurant, killing four Israelis and wounding at least 16 others on Wednesday, June 8. Following the deadly attack, Hamas issued a statement saying the two terrorists were members of its group. On its official Twitter account the Islamist group praised the shooting of Israeli civilians as “heroic” and warned of more attacks to follow during the Muslim month of ‘prayer and fasting’.

President Obama and European Union’s favourite ‘peace partner’, the ‘moderate’ PLO-Fatah didn’t want to be left out of the hate-fest and issued a statement justifying the killing of innocent people in Tel Aviv as a “natural response”. Fatah’s official Facebook page called the victims of Tel Aviv terror attack as “settlers,” making it once again clear that it regards the whole of Israel as an “occupied territory”. Times of Israel reports:

The military wing of Palestinian terror group Hamas called the Muslim holy month of Ramadan the “month of jihad,” in an article published on Tuesday — a day before two West Bank terrorists killed four people in an attack in Tel Aviv.

According to the watchdog organization MEMRI, which monitors the Arabic-language media, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades’s article claims that during the fast month, “the jihad fighter dedicates himself to the study of Islam by day he sets forth to defend his homeland, Palestine, by night.”

The article — entitled “Ramadan – The Month of Jihad, Fighting and Victory over the Enemies” — praises “jihad for the sake of Allah [as] the pinnacle of Islam,” calling it “one of the best and most noble deeds.”

The current wave of terror that started around October last year has claimed the lives of 38 Israelis and wounded more than 450. In the same period, Palestinian terrorists carried out more than 210 stabbings, 86 shootings and 42 car ramming attacks targeting mainly Jews and Israelis.

The same media that can’t yet figure out the ‘real’ motives Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, even when he takes the trouble of calling 911 to pledge his allegiance of Islamic State during the attack, was quick to blame Israelis for getting shot by Arab terrorists. MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin and Martin Fletcher were on the air right after the deadly attack in Tel Aviv and offered excuses for Arab terrorists who killed innocent Israelis, and blamed Israel instead. MSNBC moderators blamed everything from Israel’s “right wing government” to “Palestinian frustration,” choosing to ignore the ideology of Islamism that inspired these Arab terrorists to commit the gruesome act of terror.

From Mumbai to Orlando, these Islamic terrorists make no secret of their motives as they massacre unarmed and innocent men, women and children. They scream their universal chant of hearted against “infidels”, leave behind video messages and social media posting — claiming the superiority of their faith and hoping for their just rewards in paradise. The mainstream media would do everything to divert the attention from the Islamist ideology that nourishes, inspires and drives Jihadists attacks across the world. Let along confront the spectre of Radical Islam, the media and political elite of today are even scared to name it.

VIDEO: Arabs in Jerusalem celebrate gruesome terror attack in Tel Aviv

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And they will also say theirs is the Religion of Peace, and that they act in the name of God.

So, why doesn’t the Ummah rise up and strike them down for blasphemy? The Ummah kills people who are rumored to have torn or burned the Koran, and yet they do not kill people who desecrate God’s name and kill his children. Do they think a copy of book worth more than the life of a human being? If so, have they taken the copy a false idol?

This would make it different from the rest of the year, how?