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Gun Shop Challenges NY Daily News Reporter’s AR-15 Shooting Tale

Gun Shop Challenges NY Daily News Reporter’s AR-15 Shooting Tale

“We did not know that Mr. Kuntzman would completely turn things around and make our establishment look like one of anti-gun advocates.”

The reader may remember NY Daily News reporter, Gersh Kuntzman, and his harrowing tale of the AR-15 that bruised his shoulder and gave him PTSD.

After his article was published, the gun shop that accommodated his request was, “disgusted” and has mounted an effort to have Kuntzman’s article taken down.

“We acknowledged his offer so that we could prove that an AR-15 is indeed a great and safe weapon as stated in the video,” Frank’s Gun Shop Double Tap Shooting Range posted to their Facebook page, “To our knowledge we did not know that Mr. Kuntzman would completely turn things around and make our establishment look like one of anti-gun advocates.”

They continued:

I can assure everyone that we do not support mental health screenings like they do in Europe and we don’t think that government officials should take away guns from people as it was portrayed in the article. Currently we are doing everything we can to take this article down because after reading it we are just as disgusted about it as all of you are. Our team here at Double Tap would like to sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding and report that we are doing everything in our power to get this article removed. I implore all of our supporters to share our apology with everyone in-order to help defend ourselves from the media who is doing anything in their power to blemish the face of all gun owners and attempting to add more rule to the fire of the attempt of the liberal gun-grabbing agenda.

To those that are writing negative reviews about us, please understand we had no intentions of having this article cause such an issue, nor intentions of us looking like anti gun advocates but, to educate which in turn did the complete opposite due to Mr. Kuntzman.

As to Kuntzman’s bruised shoulder? ” And for the record, if you get a bruised shoulder or PTSD from shooting an AR-15 you may be a Katie Couric, liberal with ought [sic] testicular fortitude,” writes Double Tap.

The entire statement is here:

Gun Shop Challenges NY Daily News Reporter's AR-15 Shooting Tale

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This is a great illustration of a common mistake normal people make in dealing with people like Kuntzman.

We don’t assume we’re dealing with lying aspholes, so we tend to treat them with at least ordinary civility, including extending to them the assumption of good faith.

We’re not just prepared to…but downright eager to…share the objective truth about our side of any issue. Because we’re not the least ashamed of our side of any issue.

But people like Kuntzman could and would as readily write complete BS had they never got near an AR-15, and normal civility is how they make you chumps. Because they have no good faith.

But don’t blame DoubleTap. All they did was make a mistake.

Common Sense | June 18, 2016 at 12:30 pm

Mr (Snowflake)Kuntzman did what all progressives do. Lie to fit the narrative they are pushing! It’s just a shame that you can not expect people to be honest and fair in their dealings with you.

Lesson learned for any other Gun shop. Use extreme caution when deal with unknown reporters! This will be recurring issue.

    topcat69 in reply to Common Sense. | June 18, 2016 at 3:06 pm

    Liberals know that their narrative is correct, so who cares what the facts are? Lying, cheating, stealing, hoaxing are all valid methods when it comes to persuading us rubes about the ‘truth’ of the narrative. It also helps keep the mindless ones on the plantation.

      murkyv in reply to topcat69. | June 18, 2016 at 4:48 pm

      Must have been AR-15s that were blowing up those Ford pickups a couple decades back.

      Oh…and the Kinkos in Abilene must have been using a Xerox Model AR-15 copier with high-capacity output when making those Killian memos

    Estragon in reply to Common Sense. | June 20, 2016 at 3:36 am

    The lesson for any conservative interviewed or demonstrating something to media: record everything yourself! Then you can rebut the lies with actual footage.

    Otherwise, even if a laughably false report like this one is filed, it becomes a he-said, she-said situation where the readers of a publication will tend to assume the media story is correct.

It’s a sad testament to the need for your own audio/video record of any conversation with any news ‘reporter’. If Double Tap had that tape, they could release exactly what was really said… and the public would compare/contrast with what the New York Daily News had written.

Now, this may have a chilling effect on Leftist Newsmedia propaganda… but I’m willing to take that risk.

G. de La Hoya | June 18, 2016 at 1:16 pm

Hard lesson learned. I will admit with the initial reading of the piece by Stretch Kuntzman, I was wondering ‘what the hell?’. I would like to see Stretch Kuntman’s complete public records on display so that we may judge him and crucify him accordingly by public opinion. I feel dirty thinking he’s just a lying POS without getting to know him. Self admittance of PTSD disqualify him from owning a firearm?

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | June 18, 2016 at 2:37 pm

Sorry, but the New York Daily News has been hysterical with their anti-gun propaganda for several months now. I don’t mean they have been anti-gun, which is fine. They are entitled to their opinion. But they have gone hysterically insane with their covers, accusations and rants.

Given that history, the gun shop owner had no reason to believe they would be fair and every reason to believe they would be unfair. If he was unaware of the paper’s vehement anti-gun position, then shame on him for granting the interview without knowing who he was dealing with.

It looks to me like he’s reacting to a well deserved backlash from his customers and other guns owners. He should have thought about that before he gave an interview to a bunch of unhinged anti-gun kooks.

palaeomerus | June 18, 2016 at 4:42 pm

I think “ought” is correct usage if a little bit playful.

Ought means zero or sometimes nothing much like nil, nought, or naught.

.30-06 Springfield rifle ammunition is usually pronounced “thirty ought six”

When dealing with the media, it’s prudent to treat them as guilty until proven innocent.

Very close to the start of Pajama Boy’s hit-piece there was a striking line:

Many gun shops turned down our request to fire and discuss the AR-15

Well, of course; they saw an obvious bit of anti-civil rights propaganda coming at them, and weren’t about to be the patsies. But of course there’s always somebody who didn’t get the memo, and in this case it was some fool at Double Tap.

The question is not education. The gun-grabbers know perfectly well what they’re talking about. They just won’t let it sound that way. The press is still calling anything it wants to whip up some hysteria about an “assault weapon”, which as any conscious intelligence knows by now is a junk concept. But reality doesn’t intrude on the PR universe; Pajama Boy probably had the article already written, and all he had to dredge up was somebody—somebody presumably not in the anti-civil liberties camp—that he could attribute his imaginary statements to.

Obviously, compromise is out of the question. They’re not interested in it, and we shouldn’t be either.

This last week was a good one for, well … clarification. The control people have finally jumped the shark, and the plan is becoming clear. Gun prohibition is the great bottleneck (or, at least they’re acting as if it is, which implies that they believe so). They must disarm the American public for progress on The Agenda. It’s not stupidity or monomania on the part of the Brady Bunch, the VPC, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the CDC, the Black Caucus, or Obama; it’s rational planning.

Obama’s plan to pack an apparently endless supply of Muslims inside our borders—and not just any Muslims, but Muslims from a remote portion of the world which shares essentially no cultural continuity with the eighteenth-century Liberal tradition—the foundation of Western politics and society. They are hostile to persons of confused sexual identity, alcohol, music, and women not covered head to toe in sacks. And they are willing to kill for their hostile fixations. These is no other group he can pack into the country which has publicly announced such overwhelming hostility to day-to-day American life.

So, what is the plan? Pack them in and turn them loose. They will attack clubs, sports events, concerts, political meetings, restaurants which serve bacon, women who dare to look like women, and anything else they consider anathema; Sharia, if interpreted the “right” way, allows them to do nothing else.

This will not be classic “terrorism”. The theory of terrorism is that, when your enemies are too strong to attack directly, you attack someone else, someone weaker; it doesn’t much matter who. The resulting public pressure to “do something” will cause the government to over-react and impose draconian restrictions and controls on everybody, which will in turn lead to a popular revolt; probably political, but possibly violent. The end result—a small and inconsequential group of terrorists can indirectly motivate and direct a much larger force to destroy its enemy, the one the terrorists found too strong to attack directly. (I can’t think of a case in which this worked, but at least that’s the theory.) But in this situation, they will attack what they see to be their enemies directly; the ungodly, the blasphemers … ordinary Americans.

And what will the response be? From Wasington and from the press, we’ll hear the obvious; the only way to handle this is with … gun control.

This is not accident. It is not stupidity. It is a plan. Gun prohibition will be the effect; the cause will be overwhelming numbers of homicidal Muslims.

Will all Muslim immigrants be homicidal whackjobs? Of course not. I expect only a tiny but inknown percentage will be. But that won’t matter if enough of them are brought in. They don’t all have to be homicidal maniacs to get the job done.

Gays have been the first sacrificial lamb. This matters not to The Party; the gay vote is, in the main, secure, even if a few of them put up some rainbow Gadsdens.

The flood of immigrants is the weapon the Democrats will use to conquer the United States.

Time and again we have seen this. Information used to justify Obamacare is made up out of whole cloth, immigration data “proving” how Obama is tough on it is a complete fabrication, global warming is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated, the lies about gun control, the justification as to why Hillary is a qualified and most capable candidate, and so forth. The list goes on and on seemingly endless with the lies that we have suffered through with this administration.
Long ago it ceased to be misstatements, propaganda, of anything else. Long ago it became intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer that we are being lied to routinely by the liberal press and this administration. While this level of dishonesty, never seen before in America, is morally reprehensible and ethically devastating, what is of a greater concern is how so many not only believe the lies, but have enormous blind faith in the lies they are being told.
Just the other day when I took my wife to the ER (She’s OK now), I got into an argument with a hospital administrator who was damning capitalism for the problems we see today and signing the praises for socialism. The reason why? This poor child thought it was unethical and even unholy (her term) for the practice of allowing an employer to decide your value, as determined by the salary they were willing to pay you, instead of allowing each person to determine their own value and their own salary they should be paid.

But why are the anti-2A people ignoring the “gateway” weapon that leads to addiction?

    Ragspierre in reply to persecutor. | June 19, 2016 at 11:45 am

    To say nothing of the powerfully seductive “cap gun” and the rifle-shaped stick…

    Lures so powerful, whole generations of Americans have succumbed to their madness…!!!

Coincidentally, the same week another story appeared in the Daily News, about something in which I was involved. A reporter tried to contact me to “get my side”, but I saw no possible gain in responding, so I ignored him. I knew that no matter what I told him he would have twisted it into something that bolstered the story he was writing, so the absolute best I could do was to ignore him and wait for whatever disaster of a story he came up with without my help. Sure enough, the story appeared full of inaccuracies and outright falsehoods, but I remain confident that if I’d replied to his message it would have been even worse.

The fact that the Muslims in Paris who murdered 12 satirists and over 100 Parisians were able to obtain banned assault rifles proves that banning them here is pointless. Furthermore, preventing those on the watchlist would cause dishonest politicians like Obama and Hillary to expand the watchlist to include everyone as a way of banning guns.

The real problem is that the 300 people in that gay bar were disarmed which allowed the Muslim to slaughter them. We need to fix this so that it will be impossible for Muslims and others to butcher large numbers of our citizens. The way to do this is to restore the militia and have it’s members carry concealed weapons so they are ready and able to defend against the next Muslim bent on murdering Americans.