According to UK Armed Forces Minister Penny Mordaunt, Britain must join a European Union Army under Brussels’s direct command if the country stays within the EU. The ominous revelation comes as British voters are heading towards a historic ‘in-out’ referendum on June 23. What could only be described as cynical manoeuvring, EU bosses intends to table the plan a day after the British referendum — concealing the totalitarian nature of the ‘European Project’ from the British voters.

Mordaunt made it clear that if her country were to stay in the EU as a result of a “remain vote”, her government would be “powerless” to stop the formation of an EU Army. Furthermore, UK would be “bound to support” and bankroll such an Army under the provisions of existing Lisbon treaty. “As usual with the EU, the plan for this army would see Britain paying highest price and but getting a raw deal. They’ve done that with our budget, I’m not going to let that happen to our armed forces,” Minister Mordaunt told the UK voters.

The preparations for new pan-European Army outside the framework of NATO are long under way. Germany and The Netherlands have reportedly merged their army and naval assets to form a core fighting force that would serve as the basis for a new EU Army. NATO officials had recently accused France of neglecting its commitment to NATO-alliance by diverting resources to build an EU Army.

According to the reports surfacing in British media, the detailed plans for an EU army under the command of unelected Eurocrats was being prepared by none other than EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini. London-based newspaper The Express reports:

The [EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini] proposals refer to “permanent structured defence co-operation” powers that allow a group of nine or more EU states to press ahead with plans for a military headquarters.

It follows an agreement by the Germans and Dutch to merge their army and navy to form the nucleus of a single EU military force.

Talks are also ongoing to include the Czechs and under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty, signed in 2007 by Gordon Brown, the Anglo-French defence arrangement means that Britain and France would also be obliged to join the EU army.

What stated in 1950s as common European market, promoted by France and Germany, has today taken all the paraphernalia of a nation state with its own parliament, president, central bank, flag and even anthem. A transnational army could give EU Bureaucrats an instrument to enforce it policy on individual member states and rival foreign powers. The unelected commissars in Brussels have long toyed with the idea of an army to enforce their will. Back in 2014, EU President Jean-Claude Juncker saw the prospect of an EU Army as inevitable.

But don’t expect the mighty EU Army to do the obvious; secure the external borders of the Union against the migrant influx.

European naval ships are already serving as shuttle service for people smugglers by picking up migrants off the boats on the high seas — further encouraging the smugglers to ferry more and more people across the ocean in crumbling and cramped up boats.

EU is doubling down on its disastrous open border policy. Despite stiff opposition from East European countries, Brussels is pushing ahead with the plan to force member states to take in migrants on continuous basis.

With unelected and unaccountable EU High-Commissars showing no intentions of listening to the wishes of European electorates, a British rejection of EU membership at the referendum or ‘Brexit’ could encourage other smaller member states to stand up to the bullies in Brussels.

VIDEO: British MEP Daniel Hannan on why Britain should leave the EU

[Cover image courtesy Ukraine TV, YouTube]


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