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Dude Wins All-State Honors in Girls’ High School Track and Field Competition

Dude Wins All-State Honors in Girls’ High School Track and Field Competition

There’s no beating the patriarchy.

The gender equality movement has officially come full circle and is now consuming itself in the most glorious of fashions. From demanding equal rights to assuring us there’s zero difference between men and women and now, men are beating women at their own games.

For the first time in Alaska’s recorded history, a guy competed in a the girls state championships. And he won.

Peter Hasson writes for the Daily Caller:

Haines senior Nattaphon Wangyot–who self-identifies as a girl–advanced to the state finals in the 100-meter and 200-meter events. He won fifth place in the 100-meter dash and third place in the 200-meter. In both events, he competed against girls as young as ninth grade.
One of the girls Wangyot beat out for a slot at the state meet, Hutchison runner Emma Daniels, took issue with allowing a male athlete to compete in girls events.

“I’m glad that this person is comfortable with who they are and they’re able to be happy in who they are, but I don’t think it’s competitively completely 100-percent fair,” she told a local CBS station.

It’s almost like biologically, men and women are not the same… Who knew?

As concerned parents rightly noted, these girls are competing for college scholarships, only to be edged out of the running by a dude who should be competing with other dudes.

The Alaska Schools Activities Association Director, Billy Strickland, says they allowed Wangyot to compete because they didn’t want to deal with committees and all that stuff, ““We didn’t want to necessarily create a situation where we were going to bring in a committee and those types of things just because it’s just not practical here.”

Evidently, avoiding bureaucracy is a greater consideration than the wellbeing of the female athletes competing.

The moral of the story? There’s no beating the patriarchy.

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impeach obama | June 7, 2016 at 9:16 pm

works for me this is what they wanted.
reminds me of the old soviet union teams sent to the Olympics, before they did drug testing.

not a problem anymore.

“The moral of the story? There’s no beating the patriarchy.”


This has nothing to do with “patriarchy”.

The moral of the story is there’s no denying biology…or reality.

    legacyrepublican in reply to Ragspierre. | June 7, 2016 at 9:20 pm

    I always knew you were on the right side of biology.

    MattMusson in reply to Ragspierre. | June 8, 2016 at 8:37 am

    He still got beat by a girl. Several in fact.

      mzk in reply to MattMusson. | June 8, 2016 at 3:47 pm

      If the law were not crooked and the same standard applied to men (no privileges, no matter what) were applied to women, there would be no femaltre athletes. At all. Not even in Chess. (Maybe some Annie Oakley would win riflery.) I would love to see the man who comes in #2 in the Boston marathon sue.

legacyrepublican | June 7, 2016 at 9:19 pm

Why is there a winner anyway? Doesn’t the left say that competition destroys the self esteem of the losers?

Or is that the ultimate goal?

Since wymyns strongly support and empathize with the TG movement? Frankenstein’s monster is home

Hey wait a sec if I declare i am a gay transgendered black woman will affirmative action get me a job …. I’m not sure but I might be on to something

Amazing ze can run that fast with zis junk duct taped up zis crack.

I don’t know why the girls are complaining. Were men complaining when Caitlyn Jenner won the men’s Olympic decathlon in 1972?

Call me antiquated, but I have a sure way to end the gender “confusion” thingy.

A- Pull your pants down. Go on to step B.
B- Take a look at what’s between your legs. Go on to step C.
C- Did you see a penis? If yes, score 1 point. Go on to step D.
D- Did you see a vagina? If yes, score 2 points. Go to step E.
E- Look up your score:
1 Pt : – You are male, a.k.a. “a man”, “a dude”, “a bro”
2 Pts: – You are female, “a woman”, “a dudette”
3 Pts: – You are a hermaphrodite

Now (wo)man up and learn to live with it.

    malclave in reply to Exiliado. | June 8, 2016 at 12:52 am

    I couldn’t figure out my score in step E. I think you need to add:

    0 pts: lose some weight, and try the test again later.

    mzk in reply to Exiliado. | June 8, 2016 at 3:41 pm

    Why should be there be a test. Is there any endeavor (except dying in battle) where we ban women from comperting, even where they have advantages? Why do we make exceptiosn only when it hurts women. All guys should be allowed to compete. If no girrl ever gets another scholarship, so be it. Fair is fair.

inspectorudy | June 7, 2016 at 11:45 pm

One thing that the tranny’s can’t do is have a baby!

The ladies need not worry. When they turn eighteen they can join the army or marines. With a hundred pound pack, a rifle, boots, long pants, and a helmet I’m sure they’ll at least be able to run just as fast as the men. And do everything the men can do.

Barack Obama told me so it must be true.

Besides, track and field is life and death; what’s the worst that can happen in the military?

In the far left world of public education why are there separate boy’s and girls teams in non-contact sports?

I know the traditional reasons we segregate sports based on sex…but I’m an old-fashioned conservative.

    There is already co-ed high school wrestling, has been for a while.

    If the Left had any morals or principles, the same rules applied to men would be applied to women, and there would be no female athletes at all. The teams, high school and up, would be entirely male. As would chess. (Probably real cheerleading also.) But the rule is – if it helps males it’s illegal; if it helps females, it’s required. Maybe we should pass ERA.

So it’s about time for the white and Asian guys to self-identify as Affirmative Action types. They’ll clean up; mop the floors with everybody.

Perhaps that will put an end to the AA trainwreck.

    Arminius in reply to tom swift. | June 9, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    I retired from the Navy as a white male Commander but lately, I don’t know, it’s a weird feeling, I’m beginning to identify as a retired Asian female Vice Admiral.

    I’m just so confused right now. There’s a lot I’m not sure about. The only thing I can definitely know is, I’m going to get a much better retirement package and something like double the pay when I complete the “transition.”

If he was competing against 9th graders, and still could not win these races, imagine how he would have fared against the boys.

If someone feels a certain way and needs the bathroom, that’s something that is unobtrusive, but to impose on everyone and force society to publicly recognize the feeling, which contradicts science, is unreasonable.

    Insufficiently Sensitive in reply to oldschooltwentysix. | June 8, 2016 at 9:31 am

    If someone feels a certain way and needs the bathroom, that’s something that is unobtrusive,

    Diktat: Ve are all sitzpinklers now!

What will this do to Title IX? Couldn’t see this coming, found a place for slow boys who don’t care about reality.

I already saw this on Futurama. Bender becomes pretends to be a fembot, wins a bunch of medals at the 3004 olympics, becomes a fembot for real (Professor does a sex change), starts dating Calculon, etc. It’s pretty funny, and the professor reverses the robot sex change at the end of course.

This is sad. The innocent suffer. The cowards like Strickland watch — What? Do my job? When the Lion sought Courage from the Wizard, Strickland must have been puzzled. He failed to protect these girls when he should have either out of his core character or because it was his job.

The leftists do not care as their goal IS the destruction of western civilization in general and the USA in particular. After all, we are on the road to Utopia aren’t we? Can’t you see it getting closer?

Here we see another attempt at leveling society and removing Judeo-Christian values along with absolutes and meaning (and romance, for that matter).

The Ruling Class, which polices public education government trough feeders, determines when you win, whether in class or on the field or in the bathroom. OR, you don’t feed at the trough.

Their patrolled Village says that competition, on the field or in the market place, must be negated. All values must be equal with some values (theirs) being more equal than others. Equal outcomes for the ruled are the ends they demand and they will pursue such moronity not caring that you become the nil in nihilism.

Winning or placing is to mean nothing. Participation is the main thing. Just showing up is the new merit system.

BTW: that is a boy and not a girl. There are “virtual” girls in video games. But, this is real life. We need adults who understand the difference.

So I identify myself a President of the United States does that mean I’m in charge?

If I’m found guilty of a crime and am to be sentenced to prison can I identify as a female and go to a women’s prison instead of a men’s?

buckeyeminuteman | June 8, 2016 at 10:47 am

So I’m a right wing nut job when I deny “science” in the case of global warming. But I must deny science when it comes to biology and gender/sex…it’s all so confusing.

    Well… yeah.

    Here’s the thing: You are anti-science — a “denier”, if you will — when you deviate from the established liberal agenda (“The Narrative[TM]”).

    It has nothing to do with science. Or fact. Or truth. Or plainly observable data points. It’s all about The Narrative[TM].


Wonder if they call him “Wankerout” in the girl’s shower?

Letting men compete in woman’s sports is a great way to destroy women’s sports.
Very quickly there will be no reason to have women’s sports… so there will just be “sports.”
Women will be at a large disadvantage, which will discourage them from competing at all.

Which is wrong.

Why? Lets face facts. Sure the occasional woman can beat a man. Billy Jean King proved that. However, that’s not the point. The point is that at the highest level women will get crushed in MOST sports where they must compete directly with men. Sorry. It’s just true. It’s not sexist. It’s physiology. In US Open Tennis no woman would ever make it out of the round of 8 in hard-court tennis. Women are not fast enough, tall enough, strong enough, or have enough endurance. If this was not true there would be no point in having women’s sports in the first place. It’s one of these self-evident facts.

So if they’re playing for the big money there’s just no point in a woman bothering if they have to compete with men.

    I noticed long ago that in men’s tennis each pairing is a best-of-five matches, while in women’s tennis it’s a best-of-three.

    I thought these things were supposed to be equal? Perhaps the organizers of Wimbledon need to be sued under Title IX.

      clintack in reply to Archer. | June 8, 2016 at 2:20 pm

      For any number of reasons, Title IX does not apply to Wimbleton.

      (Also: “Billy Jean King proved that.” — Did she? A top female player at the height of her career against a male player well into his retirement? And it was a close match. At the time of the Battle of the Sexes, neither of them would have been able to do at all well in the Men’s bracket at any Grand Slam.)

    mzk in reply to Twanger. | June 8, 2016 at 3:54 pm

    Why is this wrong? Everywhere boys are disadvantaged, we say, “so what”. If there is any equity in the legal system, just as we deny boys privileges no matter what, we shoudl deny them to girls also. And if this means no female athletes, so be it. If people don’t like it, let them decide what legal privivleges they are willing to give men to compensate. As it is, we have a one-sided ERA. We would be better off if it had passed.

“As concerned parents rightly noted, these girls are competing for college scholarships, only to be edged out of the running by a dude who should be competing with other dudes.”

Oh, silly parents. Just wait a few months — this “dude” is going to get an athletic scholarship from money that was set aside to support women’s athletics under Title IX.

I thought a lot before commenting on this.

I was a 5x state champion and was a stones throw away from breaking the 4 min/mile at the high school level. I went to college on track/xc scholarship. I made All American a few times. My daughter is 4 and by all measures a thousand times more talented than I ever was. She will have to confront this.

The question is: How do you teach shame to beast who does not experience it?

I am going to fight this and I want her to fight this. I don’t know how in the long term, but near term I’m going to buy the book “The emperor has no clothes” to teach her that everyone pretending something is so, does not make it so, especially when it obviously is not.