Every day needs a little happy, so here’s a sweet story for you:

Five-year-old Danielle Koning received a special surprise at her adoption finalization hearing — a court room full of Disney Princesses (and Prince Charming). Even the judge disrobed, revealing a Snow White costume.

ABC News reports:

Danielle has been fostering with the Konings since March 2014 and the family was thrilled to complete the adoption princess, but it was her caseworker’s idea to arrange for Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Elsa and Ariel, just to name a few, to arrive in support of the little girl’s wonderful day.

“It was a special situation that really snowballed out of a request form Danielle’s caseworker, who knew Danielle loved Cinderella so much,” Laura Mitchell, executive director for Samaritas Foster Care Program and Child and Family services, explained. “One of other caseworkers kind of looks like Cinderella, so she said, ‘Would you mind going to the hearing and dressing as Cinderella?’”

The idea originated at a staff meeting and once other employees got word, they began stepping forward to participate.

Even Judge Patricia Gardner revealed a Snow White costume beneath her robe.

“I think it’s really important to make that adoption day special for every kid in whatever capacity you can,” said Koning. “No matter what, if kids have been bounced around a lot, it really helps them to feel the permanency and know that they’re not going anywhere now. It’s really important for kids to feel that security.”

“It’s obviously a very meaningful day, a joyous occasion,” Mitchell added. “The hearing is definitely a celebration that the kids now have forever families. And it shows the love and compassion that our case workers have.”

Congratulations to Danielle and the Koning family!

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