Anxious to shift the national conversation from the worst terror attack on U. S. soil since 9/11, Democrats see an opportunity to accomplish that while simultaneously pushing to disarm law-abiding citizens.

Democrats, eager to keep their gun grabbing plans on the front burner, are taking their protest against the Second and Fourth Amendments outside their pillow fort in the House and to town halls, conference tables, and press conferences on Wednesday, June 29th, their designated “day of action.”

The Hill reports:

Energized by their recent takeover of the House floor, the Democrats are eying a series of tactics and events for members to bring to their home districts through the break, including a “national day of action” designed to remind voters that Republicans have refused to bring the issue on the floor.

In a letter sent to all Democrats on Friday, the organizers behind the sit-in urged their colleagues to “build the momentum” created by the protest, in hopes of forcing the Republicans’ hands by dint of public pressure.

“Our sit-in showed that the Republican Leadership can no longer ignore the epidemic of gun violence,” the Democrats wrote. “A movement was born and will only continue to grow.”

The letter was signed by Reps. John Lewis (Ga.), John Larson (Conn.), Katherine Clark (Mass.), David Cicilline (R.I.), Robin Kelly (Ill.) and Mike Thompson (Calif.).

Their suggested day of action: June 29.

Their suggested tactic: almost anything.

“Whether it [is] a press conference, roundtable, or telephone town hall, we encourage you [to] host an event showing that Democrats in Congress will keep up the fight against gun violence,” the lawmakers wrote. “Local partners including survivors, law enforcement and faith leaders can be excellent partners and can help carry our message even further.”

Apparently, this “day of action” will also include, depending on the member of Congress, local events planned in various home districts across the nation.  For example, David Cicilline (D-RI) will be “announcing details of events planned in Rhode Island.”

The Providence Journal has more:

The Democrats hope to inspire events in cities and towns around the country to support legislation to tighten background checks and prevent suspected terrorists on “no-fly” lists from buying guns.

“Our sit-in showed that the Republican Leadership can no longer ignore the epidemic of gun violence. A movement was born and will only continue to grow,” Cicilline and five other members of the House wrote to their colleagues. “We ask you to join us in a National Day of Action on June 29, 2016. While you are back home in your district, you can continue to build the momentum and engage your community.”

The letter was signed by Cicilline, U.S. Reps. John Lewis, John Larson, Katherine Clark, Robin Kelly and Mike Thompson.

Cicilline said he intends to announce details of events planned for Rhode Island.

According to Politico, Democrats were “sent home armed with information packets . . . [that] include groups to contact, social media suggestions, talking points, polling numbers and other fact sheets.”

Not only does this “day of action” have Alinksy written all over it, but the Democrats, knowing quite well that they will get nowhere with the current GOP majorities in the House and Senate, are eager to get out the vote this November and to reclaim both the House and Senate . . . all the better to fulfill their gun-grabbing dreams.

On Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) iterated the GOP stance on Democrat gun proposals:  “Let me be really clear. We are not going to take away the constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans.”

The Hill continues:

The Democrats acknowledge that their favored gun reforms are almost certainly going nowhere in the GOP-controlled Congress. But they’re hoping the more aggressive tactics they’ve employed — and the national attention those tactics have attracted — will bring like-minded voters out to the polls on the Democrats’ side in November.

“No one, but no one, can afford to stay home on Election Day,” Lewis said Thursday outside the Capitol moments after the protest ended.

Wednesday sounds like a good day for Second Amendment rallies and counterarguments on social media.