Now that Donald Trump has acquired the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination, he still has another hurdle to clear. Some conservatives are still saying #NeverTrump and Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard is still pushing for another candidate.

FOX News reported:

Trump slams ‘spoiler’ bid after Kristol says independent candidate to run

Donald Trump took to Twitter Sunday night to slam fresh predictions from Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol that an independent candidate would soon be entering the race for president, warning that a 2016 “spoiler” could swing the race to the Democrats.

Kristol, along with other conservative pundits, long has been working to attract an independent candidate to run in November amid lingering concerns in some wings of the Republican Party about Trump’s conservative credentials. This effort to date has struggled to recruit a willing candidate, while running into logistical hurdles — including the rules and deadlines for getting new names on the ballot. Yet on Sunday, Kristol teased a forthcoming announcement, saying on Twitter:


Here’s a related video report from CNN:

Conservative columnist Kurt Schlichter isn’t a huge fan of Trump, but in his latest piece at Townhall, he explains that the choice between Hillary and the Donald is an easy one:

Why Is This Hardcore Conservative Not #NeverTrump? Because Hillary Is So Much Worse

I’ve got a lot of #NeverTrump friends. Heck, I bet most of my friends are #NeverTrump. Hell, my wife is #NeverTrump. I like #NeverTrump people, even though I think they’re wrong. We share the same goals. We just have really crappy choices and are making different ones.

I assume they all think I’m wrong too, and I’m not going to argue with them. For one thing, they’re my friends. I don’t want to argue with my friends. I want to mock stupid libs with my friends while consuming red meat and redder wine. The second reason is that I’m not going to change their minds, nor are they going to change mine (although Donald Trump himself still retains that power should he become sufficiently annoying).

So we should just sit down, have some beers, and talk about something else until November because we’re not going to change and fighting each other redirects the fire away from our real enemy.

That’s Hillary Clinton. She’s the real enemy.

Be sure to read the rest.

There’s still time before the convention for Trump to win over more conservatives and his choice of running mate could make a difference for many.

We’ll know soon enough.

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