Ah, “mansplaining.”

Though the term is meant to define instances of sexist men speaking condescendingly to women simply because they’re women, it’s broadly used by neo-feminists to describe any man engaging in the following behaviors: assertiveness, moderately aggressive, argumentative, expository, a man standing up for himself, correcting the record, or otherwise saying something contrary to what a woman thinks is right.

And it drives me up the damn wall.

Like this video:

All I hear is wah, wah, wah, wah.


I can honestly say I’ve never experienced the atrocity of “mansplaining” from an American man. It’s probably because I have a mind of my own and have never (even to my detriment) hesitated to use it. Am I sheltered? Lucky? Fortunate? No. I just don’t expect everyone in life to communicate to me in a way that satisfies my every emotional need and sates my insecurities. That level of self-absorbtion is just gross.

But that’s really what this about. Women who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions, but vomit their own inefficacies onto the patriarchy.

Here’s a thought — don’t like being schooled? Get your act together, be prepared, read up, study up, and know more than your competition. Have a hard time accepting correction or criticism? Then the problem is probably you, sweetheart.


Woman who toss around “mansplaining” typically do not or will not address these allegedly sexist occurrences factually, but they sure don’t like the tone of voice being used by the misogynistic man in question!

No woman is entitled to rightness because of her sex. In fact, such thinking is itself sexist. Do there exist some sexist men? Probably. Are all men sexist? Not even close. But like most progressive mantras, words are stretched, pulled, and bastardized until they have lost all meaning. Such is the case with “mansplaining.”

“Mansplaining” is used to delegitimize the opinion of men without providing any meritorious explanation why. For the love, leave men alone. They never get the benefit of the doubt these days, are scorned, spurned, and told everything they do, say, look at, listen to, wear, or think is rapey. If these women spent half as much time working on themselves as they do griping about men, imagine how much less annoying our planet would be…


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