Andy Stanley has a message for the forty-five and older crowd — stop scaring the children.

Why? Youngsters take cues from older generations. If all they hear is doom and gloom, there’s a pretty good chance they’re going to buy into the Apocalypse is nigh! hogwash.

“Many of you have grown weary and you’ve lost heart, and the reason is, you have fixed your eyes on a political system, you have fixed your eyes on a political leader, you have fixed your eyes on the good ‘ol days, you’ve fixed your eyes on the economy and you are growing weary and you need to knock it off!” said Stanley. “And I’ll tell you why — because you are scaring the children.”

“Government matters, policies matter, but neither of those matter as much as men and women understand this word, “faith.”” Stanley gets a little spiritual, but regardless of your spiritual leanings, the core of his message is true.

Surely there’s an optimum balance of teaching our children the reality of what lies ahead and still inspiring hope and optimism for who we are and what is possible.

I would rather have our future generation be well versed in our ideological heritage, excited about forging a path ahead than one smothered in nihilism.

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