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Rise of the Red Guard Week at College Insurrection

Rise of the Red Guard Week at College Insurrection

Your weekly report from the world of higher education.

College students all over the country have decided they know what’s best for everyone. Please report to the nearest Ministry of Truth office for mandatory reeducation.

It’s all the rage.

Why not listen to people who display such maturity?

Campus speakers is an ongoing issue.

Some students think they’re the ultimate judge of who are the right kinds of people.

This campus culture isn’t working out too well at the University of Missouri.

Read more campus news at College Insurrection.

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Thank you professor.
A friend of mine, Lily Tang Williams escaped out of communist China about 3 decades ago. She was in elementary school during the cultural revolution. She has direct experience of all this era. There is no finer & true American in a traditional sense than Lily.
Her main purpose in running is to warn about Common Core & other such government incursions into education & other areas of indoctrination.
I listened to her speak to a room of 16 to 18 republican’s. In the end they enthusiastically & unanimously endorsed her.
Lily Tang Williams. Libertarian candidate for U.S. senator to replace Colorado’s Michael Bennett.
Website, Lily 4 liberty.

Well, it’s not like these young people have spontaneously become useful idiot leftist warriors.

This is a careful plan, hatched decades ago, and gone unopposed. You might say, it faced boehner-like opposition.

So now we have an army of corrupt bozos – of all color – doing the bidding of their sick, corrupt teachers, in exchange for a free ride through their twenties. (Wait till they reach the reality of their 30s- karma is a bitch.)

It can be stopped. But certainly not by the likes of a corrupt lox like Paul Ryan and the rest of the GOPe culture of failure and capitulation.