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Paul Ryan is Trouncing His Primary Opponent

Paul Ryan is Trouncing His Primary Opponent


Love him or hate him, new polling shows Speaker Ryan is a huge hit with his constituents back home.

A new survey reported by the Washington Free Beacon‘s Lachlan Markay last week, had Ryan up by a whopping seventy-three points over challenger Paul Nehlen.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is easily beating back a Republican primary challenger despite his reticence to endorse presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to a new Washington Free Beacon poll.

The survey shows Ryan leading his GOP challenger, businessman Paul Nehlen, by 73 points, 80-7, among those who say they will vote in the Aug. 9 Republican primary in Wisconsin’s first congressional district.

Ryan leads a generic Democratic candidate by 18 points, 54-36, in a general election matchup, the survey shows. Eleven percent are undecided.

The poll comes as Ryan takes heat for his refusal to throw his weight behind Trump’s candidacy. Nehlen is an outspoken Trump supporter and has criticized Ryan for withholding his endorsement.

Interestingly, seventy-two percent of respondents said they’ll be supporting Trump in the general election, even though their Congressman has yet to do so.

As for Nehlen? He’s pitched himself as a Tea Party outsider a la 2012, said Ryan “betrayed” him, and seems like a colorful fellow based on some of his ads:

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This sucks, but we can’t win every race. Dr. Kelli Ward, on the other hand, is in the hunt to take out the execrable Jon McCain.

A handful of real conservative pick ups every cycle and before you know it we can change the Republican party for the better. Then a few Paul Ryan’s won’t matter so much – and they won’t be Speaker of the House either.

Wow, Sons of Anarchy has started getting really political.

72% support Trump in Ryan’s district then.

Ryan may be ahead now, but the primary is two months away

Of course Ryan’s a sure bet. Just ask congressman Cantor 🙂

So the Trump/Palin scorched earth campaign to annihilate all dissenters isn’t working? Looks like us lefty Hillary supporting nevertrumpers, um and wait we’re also establishment RINO GOPe purists, haven’t lost everything yet. Gee, what a cohesive party we have. How could we lose?

So I suppose this means that Puerto Rico’s bailout money—oops, non-bailout money—is safe. Gosh, what a relief.

Let this rino pussy win his stupid local election. His days are numbered. If he remains, he’ll be Trump salesman of the year, beating even boehner.

The lily white first district in Wisc proves that it can be as stupid as Minnesota.

I don’t like Ryan on immigration, but I like Ryan in general. He served under Jack Kemp and it shows – Kemp is the Republican who took on the most thankless job in the first Bush administration, cleaning up the Dept of Housing and Urban development, and actually pulled it off. My guess is Ryan will ultimately support Trump.

For those calling him a RINO – yep, people supporting a candidate who became a Republican in June are using the term – go ahead and add him to the list of other establishment Republicans (real RINOs?) supporting Trump: John Boehner (his texting buddy), Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, Orrin Hatch, Chris Christie, Mark Rubio, John McCain, Pat Toomey, even Eric Cantor. Wonder what they know that some of you don’t.

Sanity sells, at home.

No doubt Levin is crying in his beer. He is pimping the tRump supporter against Ryan.

We need more rapefugees in this country, so I’m glad that Ryan appears to be winning.