Campus culture has drifted so far to the left that students at Georgetown are protesting Obama’s secretary of homeland security Jeh Johnson, who’s slated to deliver the commencement address for their School of Foreign Service.

Students have decided Johnson is too conservative on immigration to speak at the university.

Blake Neff reports at the Daily Caller:

The Latest Campus Speaker Denounced As Too Conservative Is An Obama Cabinet Secretary

Students at Georgetown University are protesting against the school’s choice of commencement speaker because he enforced the law by deporting illegal immigrants.

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson is scheduled to deliver the commencement address May 21 to graduates of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. Some student activists are dismayed by Johnson’s selection, because his role as secretary places him in charge of monitoring the country’s borders and deporting illegal immigrants.

“The DHS, under the supervision of Johnson, has deported millions of people and has separated them from their families,” critics say in an event page created on Facebook. Protesters organized by UndocuHoya, a group that advocates for illegal immigrants on campus, assembled to deliver a letter of protest to Georgetown administrators Monday afternoon.

The letter, also published on Medium, suggests that Johnson’s speech would make Georgetown an unsafe place for illegal immigrants.

Here’s the Facebook message referenced above:

Students at Georgetown are writing a letter express our frustration over the selection of Jeh Johnson, US Secretary of Homeland Security, as a commencement speaker. The DHS, under the supervision of Johnson, has deported millions of people and has separated them from their families.

Johnson is not a hardliner on deporting illegal immigrants. In the video below, which is from the Department of Homeland Security’s official YouTube channel, Johnson addresses the issue of immigration and sounds like any other progressive currently serving in the Obama administration.

Watch the whole thing but if you’re pressed for time, immigration comes up at the 2:50 mark:

Here’s a parting thought which illustrates the selective outrage of young progressives.

Do these Georgetown students know who Johnson works for? Would they protest Obama himself if he was slated to speak on their campus? Probably not.

Featured image via YouTube.


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