As of now, I’m still planning on heading to Israel at the end of next week, though that could always change last minute. Family health issues seem under control at the moment, and I’m going with one of my daughters so I really didn’t want to cancel if at all possible.

I think I’ll have some interesting perspectives, based on what’s currently planned. As before, there will be an emphasis on security-related issues.

I found this video, tweeted out by Becky Griffin, of interest.

Here’s the video:

This is not theoretical when you consider that ISIS is strong near the Israeli borders in Syria, Egypt and Gaza.

That video reminded me of the Kurdish female fighters also defending their homeland from ISIS:

On Memorial Day we will also remember the men and women who died defending their country — the U.S.A. — against al-Qaeda and other predecessors of ISIS. Including female Air Force Lt. Roslyn Schulte.


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