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Israel: Hamas Training ISIS Terrorists in Gaza

Israel: Hamas Training ISIS Terrorists in Gaza

Hamas and ISIS conduct joint military exercises near Southern Israel, reveals senior Israeli army official

Islamic State (ISIS) is getting logistical and military support from Gaza-based terrorist group Hamas, a senior official of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) told the press. IDF’s Major General Yoav Mordechai revealed that terrorists belonging to Hamas and ISIS were now conducting joint military exercises in Gaza — along the southern border of Israel.

Islamic terrorist group Hamas, founded in 1987, calls for the destruction of Israel and annihilation of Jewish people in its official charter. Hamas Charter makes it clear that the Gaza-based terrorist group does not see itself as a separate entity fighting Israel, but instead is a part of the worldwide Islamic jihad.

The newly-exposed alliance between ISIS and Hamas should not come as a surprise to anyone. Both of these Islamist groups not only subscribe to the same doctrine of global Jihad, but are offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood movement that first started in Egypt around 1920s. Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden also belonged to the same theological school of thought.

ISIS activities are not limited to Syria and Iraq anymore. The terrorist group has extended its reach to North Africa and now operating in Libya and in the Egyptian peninsula of Sinai. Tel Aviv-based Ynetnews reports:

[IDF’s Major General Yoav] stated that the members of ISIS entered the Gaza Strip a few days ago from Egypt via the tunnels. The purpose of their visit was to carry out military exercises in the strip, the major general relayed, which they coordinated with a source close to Hamas, Said Abed Al-Aal.

In the interview, the coordinator explained that Hamas is aiding ISIS by providing medical treatment for its people in Gazan hospitals in exchange for money and weaponry. According to Mordechai, there is mutual coordination between the military echelons of Hamas and ISIS, which is known to Hamas’s senior political leaders, as well.

Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007 just two years after Israel unilateral disengaged from the area. Israel seeking peace with the Arabs, withdrew all its troops from Gaza and evicted 1,700 Jewish families — leaving behind intact housing infrastructure, farms and green houses. Instead of creating a representative government and a viable economy, Gaza became an object of infighting that ended in Hamas’ victory over PLO-Fatah, installing a brutal reign of terror against its political opponents and enacting strict Islamic sharia in Gaza. Since 2007 Hamas is actively waging a war against Israel.

Ironically, both Sinai and Gaza are territories that Israel gave up in the hopes of reaching peace with its Arab neighbours. Had Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin not exercised Israeli sovereign right over the Golan Heights back in 1981 — much to the dismay of then-President Jimmy Carter and the United Nations — much of northern Israel would today be on the cross-hairs of ISIS.

Oblivious to the deadly Jihadist campaign raging across the world, Obama administration and the European governments want to “bring peace to the Middle East” by making Israel shrink itself back to whatever indefensible lines they deem fit.

There is no compromise Israel can make that can ever satisfy Arab and Islamist warmongers.

Today Israel stands at the forefront of the global war that Islamists have declared on the Western civilisation and the humanity as a whole. At this crucial hour Israel does not need sermons from the European Union or Obama administration, it deserves our gratitude and our unflinching support.

VIDEO: Islamic preacher in Gaza mosque exposes the real agenda of Hamas

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There can be no compromise with the muslims over the land of Israel. There is a hard and fast rule in islam which says once a land is controlled by the muslims, it is forever islamic land. If the muslims get driven off the land it becomes the uncompromising duty of every able bodied muslim to fight the invader until the land is under muslim control again. If you learn nothing else about islam remember that. It is very simple and is the reason that no peace treaty has been signed between the Palis and Israel. The first Pali leader to sign a treaty will be slaughtered just like Anwar Sadat.

“…Hamas and ISIS were now conducting joint military exercises in Gaza — along the southern border of Israel.”

I hope within easy Hellfire commuting distance…

Why is it so difficult for liberals and progressives to notice the difference between what Christian missionaries do and what Muslim “missionaries” do? One builds up while the other tears down. Of course, liberals and progressives seem to want to do a lot of tearing down, so I guess it makes sense.