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Facebook Will Meet With Conservative Leaders

Facebook Will Meet With Conservative Leaders

And Glenn Beck

Earlier this month, former Facebook employees claimed the social media site actively filtered conservative news from user newsfeeds.

In response to criticism, Facebook released a statement that explained their curating methods, which included corroboration with at least three of Facebook’s list of 1,000 approved websites, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

More than three Russian and Chinese propaganda outlets appear on the list, so a Facebook trending story could be sourced entirely by outlets controlled by those repressive regimes.

More militantly communist publications such as Liberation Daily and the Global Times appear on the list as well. Liberation Daily, in publication since the Chinese Civil War, is the official organ of the Chinese Communist Party in Shanghai. The Global Times is a “hyper-nationalist” publication that promotes a militaristic Chinese foreign policy.

All of the publications carefully toe the communist party line, omitting references to events like the Tiananmen Square massacre and portraying persecuted groups like Falun Gong in a negative light. Freedom House has designated the Chinese press as “Not Free.”

When asked about the state-owned propaganda outlets on its list, a Facebook spokesperson noted that the company’s guidelines require stories to be corroborated by at least three outlets on the list.

The list also includes many left-leaning sites, such as the Atlantic, the Daily Kos, Jezebel, Gawker, the New Republic, the New Yorker, NPR, Mother Jones, MSNBC, Salon, Slate, Upworthy, Vox, and five websites for the Huffington Post.

Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will meet with “Glenn Beck, CNN conservative commentator SE Cupp, Fox News co-host Dana Perino, Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute, and Zac Moffatt, co-founder of online campaigning firm Targeted Victory that has worked with numerous Republican candidates,” according to Yahoo News.

Beck explained on his public Facebook page:

And then took on allegations that Trump was excluded from the conversation:

Arthur Brooks also explained:

SE Cupp was a little more blunt:

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“This words matter stuff is ridiculous.”
—Barry Bennett, T-rump spokeshole

He’s supposed to be going, too.

So, I guess T-rump is “groveling” as well…

It’s a start.

One thing a lot of these sites (MSN, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Google, etc.) do is leave negative news of Republicans on their site for 2-3 days, and remove unflattering news (when it’s published at all) of Democrats within hours after it is posted. Positive news of Republicans is gone in a few hours while positive news of Democrats remains for days. This is just one of the tactics that show the perversion of our media today.

I appreciate those willing to attend for being the ones to step up for a pointless and unsavory task. Going to grovel before Zuckerburg is sickening, and they know it, but somebody HAS to do it lest the OPTICS portrays conservatives as mere whiners.

G!en and S.E. are in a role similair to the poor bastards who had to negotiate the terms of the World War One armistace from the German side: somebody else created a very real and urgent problem, and mature sober minds knew that SOMEBODY has to show up to go through the motions. However, whoever stepped up to the doomed task was basically agreeing to assume the mantle of Villain for his own equally-impotent brethren to rail against. They are agreeing to fall on this grenade.

When the dust settles, Facebook will still be a POS leftist organization that steers the sheep of the world ever leftward. Lets hope that the conservatives attending realize that whatever smoke the Obamatrons blow up their asses will not effect WHAT Facebook is doing, but only the HOW and the optics surrounding it.

Pot meet Kettle.

Bullshit that he didn’t know it was going on.

The only thing that will be accomplished by conservatives going to this bullshit meeting will be to give Zuckerberg legitimacy.

This is just another POS liberal looking for cover when his actions are exposed to the world. Meanwhile Facebook will just be a little less obvious about their bias.

Every one of the should flat out refuse to attend until he can prove that he’s ACTUALLY done anything to stop the censorship.

S.E. Cupp was the winner on Jeopardy last night, kicking the butts of the two lib reporters she was playing against. You GO, girl!

We have to stand up to the likes of Zuckerberg, and make Facebook irrelevant.

Boycott it. In fact, see my Facebook page on the boycott…


casualobserver | May 18, 2016 at 2:24 am

No surprise that a Breitbart person – Stranahan – is being a jerk with SE Cupp on Twitter. It has become an amazingly uncivil site and I guess the employees who couldn’t join in have slowly started to abandon it.