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Brazil Soccer Star Rivaldo Tells Tourists to Skip Rio Olympics

Brazil Soccer Star Rivaldo Tells Tourists to Skip Rio Olympics

Corruption, murder, and diseases cast a dark cloud over the 2016 Rio Olympics

Brazil soccer star Rivaldo used his Instagram to encourage tourists to skip the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio due to violence and corruption.

Translation via Google Translate:

Bandits in Rio de Janeiro killed this 17-year-old girl. Things are getting uglier in Brazil. I advise everyone who wants to visit Brazil or come to the Olympics in Rio to remain in their country of origin. Your life will be in danger here. Not to mention the fact that the public hospitals are useless and the mess in Brazilian politics. Only God can change the situation in our Brazil.

Rivaldo used a picture of 17-year-old Ana Beatriz Pereira Frade. Armed robbers surrounded Frade and her stepfather on their way to the airport. One of the men shot her in the head after her stepfather attempted to run into the gang to escape. A baby in the back of the car did not receive any injuries.

In January, Forbes called Brazil the murder capital of the world after 22 cities made it into the top 50 list of most violent cities in the world.

But other situations have surrounded the Olympics, which will take place from August 5 to August 21. The committee lost Col. Adilson Moreeira, head of the Olympics security force, after he resigned on April 1. No one released a specific reason why, but The Wall Street Journal said local media reported he “stepped down after sending an email to colleagues that was critical of President Dilma Rousseff.”

The government has assured participating countries that no one should worry, but stadiums and areas have not received basic security equipment. A person involved in the process said it takes four to eight months to install cameras.

The games begin in less than four months.

Construction workers have not finished some venues and stadiums due to late payments or connection to scandals. In April, a bike path for the Olympics collapsed, killing two people.

Brazil’s House of Representatives voted to impeach Rousseff after she allegedly used executive orders to cover up Brazil’s deficit and gloss over the horrible economy. Speaker of the House Eduardo Cunha faces accusations of accepting bribes of $5 million.

Brazil has already documented 91,387 cases of Zika this year. The Aedes mosquito carries the virus, which officials have linked to microcephaly and Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Brazil began to fumigate and sterilize Olympic stadiums in January and will continue through the games.

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legacyrepublican | May 11, 2016 at 5:17 pm

Dare I say it …. Blame it on Rio!

Meu deus, que coisa ruim.

Brazil is a beautiful country, but as a local once told me while surfing there, Brazil’s problem is (the) Brazilians(people). Of course that means especially the government.

A thing to note: getting a gun permit in Brazil is harder than New York, but similar. You have to be rich and connected. Otherwise the barely present police and of course, criminals have them. Criminals have lots of them. And Brazilians go about their day with it always in the back of their mind they could be the statistic that day. With no chance to defend themselves or be defended.

Hillary would love it.

    JasonJay in reply to Zachary. | May 12, 2016 at 1:40 pm

    The Donald loves it way more:

    “Trump Hotel Rio de Janeiro. Located in the elegant Jardim Oceanico sub-district of the famous Barra da Tijuca borough and facing one of Rio’s most magnificent beaches, the 13-story, 171-guestroom Trump Rio will be TRUMP HOTEL COLLECTION’s first property in South America and the only luxury hotel in the neighborhood when it opens in 2016 – in advance of the Summer Olympic games.”

    Brazialians, who don’t consider themselves ‘Latino’ – maybe that’s because they speak Portuguese — don’t appear to be upset with the Donald, even tho the 900,000 or so number of illegal Brazilians in the US would have to go with the rest of the illegal population. But then again Donald may make an exception to nation’s housing his hotels and golf courses.

buckeyeminuteman | May 11, 2016 at 6:07 pm

With the election being all the rage for over a year, this is literally only the second time I have seen anything about the 2016 Olympics in the news. I don’t think anybody is really interested, I know I never have been.

Corruption, murder, and diseases? Is he talking about the U.S. southern border or Chicago?